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Eye Makeup Tips for Glasses-Wearers

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The type of eye makeup you wear is dependent on your eye shape, but a huge determining factor in deciding what suits you best is to look at what type of glasses you wear.


If youre short-sighted, depending on the strength of your glasses, wearing them could actually make your eyes look smaller. To counteract this, you can adapt your makeup to help your peepers look wide awake using a few clever techniques:

Step 1: Concealer

A radiance-boosting under eye concealer should always have a home in your makeup bag. A top tip is to blend the excess over your eyelid to cover any broken veins or uneven pigments in your skin, creating a flawless blank canvas.

Step 2: Highlighter

Highlighter is crucial for brightening the eye area, and it should be applied in the inner corner of your eye, as well as just below the brow bone.

Step 3: Eyeliner

Use a tiny amount of brown pencil liner on the lower lash-line to add a subtle amount of definition. Apply it to the very outer corner and smudge it two thirds of the way in, but avoid going too far as this will make the eye appear smaller.

Step 4: Mascara

Mascara is essential when youre creating a wide-eyed look, but always remember to curl your lashes beforehand to really open up the eyes.


At the opposite end of the spectrum, if youre long-sighted, your glasses can make your eyes appear bigger than they really are. In some cases, this is a good thing, but you dont want them to look unnaturally large, so simple eye makeup is crucial.

Step 1: Concealer

In this case, a radiance-boosting under eye concealer works fine, as it will prevent the glasses from accentuating your dark circles.

Step 2: Eyeshadow

Sweep a matte, neutral coloured eyeshadow over the whole eyelid and blend it along the lower lash-line to add definition. Shimmer eyeshadows reflect light, making the eyes look bigger, so avoid using these.

Step 3: Mascara

A formula that doesnt clump is crucial, as your lashes will be magnified under your glasses. Be careful not to pick one thats too lengthening though, as you dont want your lashes to touch the lenses every time you blink.

Eyebrows are Important for Everyone

No matter what type of glasses you wear, eyebrows are incredibly important as glasses instantly draw attention to them. Make sure yours are always well-groomed and you fill any gaps in with an eyebrow pencil or powder shadow. If you need tips identifying which shape suits you best, check out this guide.

If this all sounds like far too much effort, you can always have a pair of prescription sunglasses from somewhere like Glasses on Spec to throw on when you cant be bothered with any makeup at all.