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Essential Fashion & Beauty Tips for Summer

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Summers make up the longest part of the year in major Asian countries especially South Asia. As much as people enjoy the summer time by taking excursion and spending time on the beach and around pools, the chances of getting faded and sunburn also increases. Not only that women’s hair also suffer a lot at times due to extreme grumpy and humid conditions. Where online marketplaces such as infibeam, Amazon, Kaymu, provides some beauty care items and cosmetics, it is essential to follow some of the basic tips to keep your beauty & skin in check. These simple yet valuable steps will enable you not only to retain your beauty but end up getting more glamourous than before.


Fedora Hats and Scarves

Hats become a must during summers for two reasons. One, to save your face from sun and second to keep your scalp & hair clean. But you know a simple hat doesn’t do justice to the face and body. So, try some fedora hat and wear it with a slight slouch to give yourself an aroma of glam. You can also choose some vintage style floppy hat to give a classic look. Scarves are also often very helpful in covering the bodice. Try finding these hats and scarves at WorldMarket or craftsvilla.


Get Coloured… and Tan

This habit is actually useful if you’re a beach person. Spending too much time will fade your colour skin, so, it’s better to get some faked tan. Different people suggest different oils to do so. The reality is that it gives a new texture to the body and you can roam around fearlessly in the sun, around the water. And there is no need to worry about how you will get it off. Plenty of oil removers out there.


What Perfumes to Wear?

This is also a difficult choice for the newbies in particular that what perfume one should wear during most of the summers. After all, all the fragrance washes away with the sweat. This is why some of the colognes and deodorants are made for women to be worn in summers specially. Island Michael Kors Bermuda and some coconut oil fragrance can help you live through the summers without any problem.

Sunglasses for Slender Long Faces

Without sunglasses, how can one know that summers have arrived? But not all shades are good enough to save you from the scorching ultraviolet rays. You not only need Ray Ban but Polaroid glasses to ensure a peaceful summer. For which style would suit you better take an idea from here.

Summers Hairstyle

Some women do not prefer to wear headscarves or hats, which is totally fine. But then they do have to worry about the kind of hairstyle they’d be making. We recommend them to make long ponytails because in the hot season, simplicity is the best policy. You can let them hang around on your neck but you can’t do an up-do either, therefore this is the best option. Sleek and wet up-dos are only for parties and formal events in summers.