Engagement Style Trends – Who Says You Can’t Pull It Off?

Engagement Style Trends – Who Says You Can’t Pull It Off?

When the engagement day finally rolls around, soon-to-be brides are adding a lot of personal flair to their style statement. Not that traditional engagement fashion will ever stop – you can’t go wrong with a petal-strewn, light colored gown – but lots of modern brides are branching out with something a bit more out-of-the-ordinary for the special occasion.

Whether aiming for simplicity, elegance, or a bit of both, what you wear on the big day is as unique as your relationship. How to get that unique style that shows the real you? Here are a few trends to help you out:

What to wear

The themes for the current season include a pop of color and wearing clothes that show off your personal style and are fitted to the body (not in a spandex-way). You can also go with an ensemble that allows you to layer, which is the secret to a professionally styled engagement day look. Belt, cardigan, tights can help give you a sense of dimension.

Take a hint from the view and the time of day of your engagement to further determine the style of your outfit. For example, a ball gown might look inappropriate if you’re gearing up for a midday affair outdoors but would be perfect for an evening ballroom event.

Also, see that you adhere to any religious restrictions on your engagement day: if you’re getting engaged in a house of worship, there might be guidelines, such as not wearing anything that bares your back or shoulders.

How to accessorize

Dainty earrings are the ideal pick for showing off elegance, but if you’re wearing your hair down, they will get lost in your hair. So if you’re going with the latter when it comes to the hairdo, spruce up your look with dramatic statement earrings such as chandelier earrings.

Soon-to-be brides who love to sparkle will also love necklace chains with large pendants set within them. The trending neckpieces include elements inspired by dahlia flowers – this type of a necklace has a large bunch of flowers attached to the link chain, which can be gold plated, silver plated or simple. The flowers are usually created with acrylic stones.

Coming to the engagement ring, the most important ensemble: a flush or a bezel setting for a diamond ring is more secure, but unique vintage engagement rings will create more sparkle. Vintage engagement rings feature a nice edge around the main piece, making it less likely to catch the diamond on your clothes.Engagement Photo

Will props work?

You might be double-minded over adding props to enhance your style statement; the good news is props do well on most occasions. In fact, adding some personalized props can also make your photo session more relaxing while displaying a unique aspect of your relationship.

Incorporating a prop such as a pet, a champagne bottle, or even a full skirt that you can twirl in – will add color and life to your fashion statement. Props are also a great way to coordinate with your partner, and take the burden off the outfit when it comes to coordination, as they add a subtle color coordination that feels easy and balanced.