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Easy Home Decorating Ideas Using Bamboo blinds

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All it takes is a little confidence to decorate your first home, giving it an adorable look. However, if you loved the way your parents or grandparents decorated their homes, if you’re not careful, you might find yourself buying the same traditional four-seat sofa your parents and grandparents had in their house. That or you might catch yourself hanging at least two large wooden framed pictures on each wall at your new home, the same as your parents and grandparents did. You haven’t begun to trust your own tastes and style yet.


Decorate right and you’ll love being at home

This isn’t a bad thing if your parents and grandparents had great style. However, at some point you’ve got to start expressing your own personality and style. As you step into your own, you’ll start taking old furniture out of your home, giving it away to used furniture outlets. You might also turn to magazines and websites, looking for decorating ideas such as how custom bamboo blinds, cathedral ceilings, a spiral staircase, wood floors and bay windows enhance the rooms of your home.


Give yourself time to gather unique home decorating ideas. As Rhoda, a designer, says at Southern Hospitality, adding custom bamboo blinds to your list of decorating ideas can prove to be a great choice. More specifically, “These textured shades add so much to the look of a room and I want casual elegance and not fancy window shades, so the bamboo blinds will be perfect for my spaces and will look great with my rustic floors.”


In Rhoda’s case, she placed soft pink chairs in her bedroom, accentuating the room with an off white rug and custom bamboo blinds at www.paylessdecor.com. Another decorating idea you can use at your home is to mix and match the types of bedding, including the colors and textures of the bedding, in your bedroom. Patterns and old textiles will keep you from feeling bored while you’re in your bedroom.


Fortunately, you don’t have to limit your unique decorating ideas to the living room or bedroom. For example, you could hang drapes, roman shades or custom bamboo blinds in your kitchen. Also, rather than hanging a standard curtain and liner around your shower, you might want to hang cloth curtains and liners around the entire circumference of your shower.


Placing antiques in rooms like bathrooms, kitchens and basements is another decorating idea that can give your home a distinct style and feel. Other home decorating ideas include hanging plates on walls (it beats hanging wall paper), placing Turkish runners in hallways and moving all chairs and sofas away from walls, according to House Beautiful.


Incorporate the right decorating ideas at your home and you might be treated to compliments from loved ones who visit you. However, as tempting as it is, you don’t want to decorate to receive confirmation from other people. Whether or not you hang custom bamboo blinds, heavy drapes, sheer curtains or put down red wood floors or thick carpet, to feel good in your home, you should decorate to express your creativity and to show off your unique personality. After all, that’s what your loved ones are drawn to — you and your unsurpassable personality.