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Dressing Punk In The Winter

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Punk is all over the high street this season. Viviane Westwood is often credited as the grandmother of punk and is the person who brought the alternative fashion scene to the mainstream. Although shes one of the more respected designers in the industry, she hasnt turned her back on her routes. Her recent 2013 collection features many punk rock and Gothic features which make her stand out as one of the most original and innovative designers in history.

But dressing punk in the winter isnt as easy. Unlike Vivian Westwoods catwalk models, you cant walk through the streets on a cold winter morning wearing nothing but a black corset top and puffy short skirt. And lets face it; ripping jeans and t-shirts is just a bad idea when the weather takes a turn for the worse.


They say that you lose more warmth through your feet than any other part of your body. In fact, some people estimate as much as 70%. During the winter period its important to wrap up your feet as much as possible, so lose the canvas Converse All Stars, get something a little thicker, and always wear socks ““ black of course. Large chucky boots such as Doc Martins or workmans boots are perfect and will retain heat well.


Punk is a lifestyle that represents social and political views through music and fashion. You may not want to lose your short tartan skirt in favour of something more socially acceptable, but keeping it could quite simply make you ill. Opt for a pair of skinny fit jeans instead. If youre “anti-denim,” then make sure you layer up with a thick pair of leggings.


Luckily you dont need to make a huge amount of changes to your upper half. A leather jacket suits the cold, so just remember to layer up beneath it. It may sound a bit right-wing, but a red Christmas style jumper can actually blend surprising well with punk themed attire.


Again, theres not a lot you need to change in terms of accessories. If you feel like your new “winter punk” look doesnt quite cut the mustard, simply add more accessories to your punk getup. Silver skull rings and necklaces are perfect for showing off your fashion sense without going overboard.

If youre looking for some new punk clothing to add to your winter wardrobe, you probably wont find it in on the high-street. Vintage stores, second hand shops and flea markets are always a goldmine when it comes to punk clothing. Otherwise, do your shopping online. There are plenty of alternative clothing stores out there that have a wide variety of options to choose from. Dont make any excuses not to go out, just prepare yourself for the cold and youll be fine.

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Punk rock fashion enthusiast Josefine Andreasson, is an alternative fashion blogger from Sweden. She is currently in the process of opening her own vintage/retro fashion store in Gothenburg.

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