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Dress Up Your Baby Girl with These 8 Ideas

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If you have a baby girl, we know that she is the most important being in the world to you. Even when we were kids, we always dreamed of growing up to be mommies of cute little daughters that we can play dress up with. Even now as an adult, we know how much you love to pick out dresses and all sorts of cute outfits for your infant daughter. You really can get creative and even create costumes inspired by the ideas we have prepared for you in this list, the sky is the limit. If you are running out of ideas, check out these ones and have fun dressing up your baby girl!

1. Minnie Mouse

No matter how little your daughter is, one of her favorite characters is Minnie Mouse, I guarantee it. She probably already has a room full of Minnie Mouse toys, so why not pick a matching outfit? You can choose from either red or pink Minnie Mouse outfits, so have fun with it! (P.S. A headband with ears is an adorable addition.)

2. Pretty in Pink

You can go crazy with pink when it comes to your baby girl. Dress her up from head to toe in super cute pink garments and accessories, like a tiny rose headband and pink Mary Jane shoes. You can even get her a small pink bracelet to match. Talk about irresistible!

3. Flower Power

When it comes to infant daughters, you can never go wrong with flowers. They are a symbol of childhood, innocence and utter cuteness that you can play around with a lot. Consider buying a dress with a floral pattern and matching it with flower accessories she will adore.

4. Polka Dots

Make your little princess look cute as a button with a 3 piece polka dot dress this summer. This is a playful pattern that is perfect for her age and it will make you (and everyone else who sees her) want to cuddle her all day long.

5. Hello Kitty

Another favorite when it comes to cartoon characters for little girls is Hello Kitty. Clothes by this brand are so easy to come across and they are more affordable than you thought. Surprise your baby daughter with a Hello Kitty dress and she will absolutely love it.

6. Ballerina

What can be more adorable than dressing up your girl in a ballerina dress? I am talking about getting her a pink frilly tutu that will make her shine with sweetness. Match it with a lovely leotard and let your daughter be the center of attention.

7. Disney Princess

It does not matter what Disney Princess you choose, your daughter will be head over heels in love with her. You can either get her clothing printed with her favorite Disney Princesses, or dress her all up in a costume inspired by her heroine. No matter what method you choose, I am sure that she will look stunning and even more loveable than she already is.

8. Roses

Go for red! This gorgeous color will contrast beautifully with your daughter’s skin and it also looks incredible if she has blue eyes. Purchase a frilly red dress with rose details and allow your baby to be the loveliest flower of them all.

Photo credits: Dressedupgirl.com.