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Dos and Donts For Heavenly Home Hair Colour

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Whether it is the first time that you have braved colouring your hair at home, or you have spent most of your grown up life taking on the tresses, there are some good common sense rules that you should follow to get the best results possible and keep those locks in tip-top condition. Here’s how to make the most of that home hair colour experience and avoid those disasters.

Before You Even Consider it:

Make sure that your hair is in decent condition. Frequent colourings and bleaching in-between can damage your hair, even before you actually notice that it is happening. Regular trips to the hairdressers to address any split ends before they become a problem is recommended, at least every 6-8 weeks is always a good timescale to aim for. Hair that is in good condition responds better to the dying process. Once you are happy that you are good to go, you then have to decide on the colour that you want

Getting That Colour Right:

If you are new to dying your hair at home, it might be wise to stick to a simply natural colour that is only 1 or 2 shades lighter or darker than your natural colour. You can always progress to more drastic changes once you feel comfortable with the idea. Be aware that the colour on the box is only a guide. Everyone’s base colour tone is different and that will affect the shade that you end up with. If you are at all unsure, there are plenty of semi-permanent temporary colours out there that allow you to experiment and find the colours and shades that suit you. Just remember that these do not lighten your natural hair tone and therefore not all shades will work on darker hair. If you have grey hair ensure that you select a brand that states that it is formulated especially for it as grey hair can be resistant to hair dyes.

Keeping It Fresh:

Once you have that freshly dyed hair, you will want to keep it looking good and not fading for as long as possible. You can do this by avoiding shampoos and conditioners which strip the colour back out of your hair. Select especially formulated shampoos and treatments made for coloured hair. Make sure that you treat your coloured hair to a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week and make sure that any split ends resulting from the colour treatment are sorted by your hairdresser as soon as possible to stop them getting out of hand. It is also wise to avoid direct sunlight on your dyed hair as the suns rays makes colour fade, so cover up with a hat whilst outdoors.

Finally, avoid too many different hair colours one on top of another. You could end up with a custom colour that doesn’t suit you and which you do not like. If you have a disaster and really need to cover up with a different colour, just take some professional advice first. Having that perfect new hair colour can be such a confidence boost that we really should take the time to get it right!

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