Do your own bridal bouquet and boutonniere

A wedding costs a lot of money and saving in anything that you can give you and your partner welcome relief. In addition to saving you some money, a wedding flower bouquet and boutonniere DIY endeavor also gives you a chance to put in something into your wedding. You give your flowers a personal touch and you get the chance to pick flowers after your own heart. Both the bouquet and the boutonniere are complicated looking flowers which are however not that difficult to make once you get the desire and the right instructions.


You can do your own flower bridal bouquet and boutonniere with the use of following simple steps

There are a few essentials that you need for that perfect bouquet and these are:

40-60 stems of your flower of choices (choose one or two colors; it’s trendier)

Ribbons with a matching color or wedding theme color

Floral tape

Corsage pins


The first thing you have to do is trim your flower stems to get rid of foliage or thorns. You can then pinch any malformed or tired looking petals as they will spoil the desired look. Hold them under running water and use a stem cutter to cut off about two inches from the stem at an angle and allow them to drink in the water. Place them in a container of cool water as you wait for the perfect time to work on them.

When you are set, pick four of your primary flowers, preferably with sturdy stems and use them as your bouquet foundation. Join the other stems to the foundation one by one until you are done then use a floral tape to secure them starting at the part of the flower slightly beneath the head (about an inch) and down towards the stem ends. You can decorate as you wish using the ribbons and fully secure the ribbons with a corsage pin.

Even simpler steps to make the boutonniere

You have a choice of using one, two or three flowers. The trend is currently using succulents and ferns nut you might prefer other flower types. Do not use a flower with too big a head as your boutonniere will look like a corsage. One flower gives simplicity but you may prefer three smaller ones.

You also have to trim it to remove foliage of thorns and remove any unwanted petals. Cut the stem of your flower under running water, about 2 inches the stem end and place a floral wire through the stem slightly beneath the head, then bend the wire and let the stem lie between the two sides if the wire. Leave them in cool water.

At the select time, select your foliage or leaves of choice and wrap them together with the flower using a floral tape, do this individually even for a three-flower boutonniere. Ensure the foliage or leaves do not cover the entire flower. Cover the wire right to the end then curl it to give your boutonniere a professional look. The wire works better with a single stem as three stems are already strong.

You are good to go.