Discovering Treasure of Pearls

Discovering Treasure of Pearls

Discovering Treasure of Pearls

Finding a treasure is a fantasy for many. Climbing into a mine to dig for diamonds or gold isnt likely to be on many peoples list to find treasure; however, popping open an oyster to find a pearl is a dream anyone can enjoy. It certainly was for two characters of the 1944 movie, Cover Girl. Lovers, Danny and Rusty, along with their friend Genius frequent a restaurant where they order oysters to open in hopes of finding a pearl treasure. When Rusty leaves Danny for a chance at fame and fortune on Broadway, Danny finally finds a pearl that symbolizes not only financial treasure, but also the treasure of true love. The power of the pearl brings Rusty back to Danny and true love.

Treasure of PearlsWe Love Our Stars and Our Pearls

Pearls have been part of romantic tales and personas from the time of Cleopatra. Marilyn Monroe may have declared diamonds to be a girl’s best friend but the understated, sophisticated class of Grace Kelly is embodied in the charm of pearls. Her simple beauty was enhanced by the simple, alluring designs she chose to wear. Stately pearls were among her chosen jewels from Hollywood stardom to the palace in Monaco where she became a princess.

A Pearl Isnt Just a Pearl

Pearls can be fashioned into all kinds of jewelry. The customary earrings, necklaces and bracelets become exceptional pieces of jewelry when designed and fashioned with pearls.

Pearls are a fascinating gem. They cannot be described as simply a pearl because they are formed in various sizes and shapes with varying smoothness and luster. Types of pearls include Tahitian South Sea, Golden South Sea, White South Sea, Japanese Akoya, Freshwater and Hanadama. All pearls are not white; they can come in many different colors. For example, Tahitian pearls come in black and freshwater pearls; although often white also come in a myriad of colors that include pink or even lavender. Hanadama pearls are spotted. Color is determined by several factors. The water the mollusk lives in and the type of mollusk that develops the pearl are two factors. You will find pearls of all colors, shapes, sizes and luster at almost every online jeweler, such as akoya pearls.

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