Diamonds on the screen goddesses we adore

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Unlike fame and celebrity, diamonds are forever. The eternal sign of trust, fidelity and extravagance, they have held humanity in thrall for eons. From emperors who feuded over them to wars fought to possess them, human history is full of tales of lust for diamonds. Even the great gods and goddesses of the silver screen, from Marilyn Monroe, to Elizabeth Taylor and from Kim Kardashian to Jennifer Lopez have been swept off their feet by their paramours, with a diamond, worth the GDP of a small country!

Come let us take a walk down the red carpet and catalog a host of the best diamond engagement rings and stones that the most enduring screen goddesses have worn. After all wasnt it Marilyn Monroe who once famously said, “Diamonds are a girls best friend!

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West:

By no means are they the most enduring couple on the screen. Theyre no Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, but that being said, reality star Kim Kardashian and rap mogul Kanye West have been the IT couple in Hollywood for almost a year now. And what better way for a man of Kanyes stature to pop the question to his baby mama-to-be than with a diamond? And not just any diamond, might we add, a 15 carat stunner (source: eonline.com). Apt, wouldnt you say, for the union of the Princess of Tellyland and the Big Daddy of Bling?

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux:

Jennifer Aniston has always been featured in the list of the worlds sexiest women. Little wonder then that when her paramore, the acclaimed actor Justin Theroux asked for her hand, it was with a stunning diamond ring that weighed a not so petite 8 carats! Heres a little tip then for all those guys wanting to ask their lady loves to marry them: If you want her to swoon, make sure she does so by the weight of the rock!

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake:

Something about this couple just screams Hollywood royalty. Maybe it is the fact that Jessica is one of Hollywoods most bankable stars, or maybe it is the fact that Justin is one of the first singer-songwriters since, Frank Sinatra to have made the leap to the silver screen rather effortlessly. When the devilishly handsome Timberlake had to ask the gorgeous Ms. Biel to be his better half, he did it with a vintage style square cut diamond ring, worth a whopping $130,000!

Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck:

Well while this engagement didnt exactly work out as planned. Ms. Lopez ended marrying and divorcing Latin singer, Mark Antony, and Mr Affleck is now the loving husband of another Hollywood beauty, Jennifer Garner, Ben and Jen were once a Hollywood power couple and were madly in love. And in a clear case of, “go big or go home”, Ben Affleck proposed to Lopez with a $2.5 million worth pink diamond ring crafted by none other than famed jeweler to the stars, Harry Winston. In a case of sticking to ones jeweler even though the engagement may have ended, Ben gifted his “˜other Jen (his wife Jennifer Garner), a spectacular, clear diamond ring from Harry Winston too! Good to see that some people are still loyal, so what if it is to their jeweler!

Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton:

The Taylor-Burton romance is the stuff that Hollywoods romcoms are made of. The most gorgeous movie star of her generation, and one of the most successful businessmen of his, Taylor and Burton were kindred spirits. Lovers of the good life, they were the life of the party, with luminaries like Sammy Davis Jr., Marlon Brando, James Dean and Frank Sinatra. When Richard Burton asked Liz Taylor to marry him it was with a $1.1 million diamond, that he had named after the two of them. Clocking a whopping 69.20 carats, this was definitely one of the biggest, if not the single biggest expression of love, Hollywood had ever seen!

About the author:

Guy Medel is a Hollywood gossip columnist and trend spotter with several leading magazines and websites. He loves following the stars and astronomy, of the celluloid kind!