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Cuteness Overload: 3 Slim-Fit Winter Outfits for Casual Wear

slim fit winter coats for casual wear
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Many ladies dread winter due to the many layers of clothes they have to wear and the dominant trend of finding slouchy and oversized winter sweaters or jackets. While there’s an entire fashion industry department focused on elegant, elaborate winter outfits (we have covered a few times already), today it’s time to take a look at three winter slim-fit outfits, perfect for young women who love to look cute and be cold-protected in the same time.

1. The Slim-Fit Parka with a Twist

Parkas are probably the most frequent casual winter clothes you see in the streets. But if you want to look smashing, stay warm and be able to wear a sweater underneath, without appearing like a huge fluffy cotton candy, try a slim-fit parka with faux-fur trims in a modern, cute and bold color, such as salmon red or cerulean blue. Add a dash of sunshine in your life and to the streets and pair your slim-fit parka with a creamy winter dress and knee-long colored rubber boots for a full cute effect.

2. The Slim-Fit Zip-Up Hoodie Jacket Rock Star Style

If you pick a really well-made cotton thick zip-up hoodie jacket with some metal adornments here and there, you should be able to rock any style and any occasion. Such a warm and comfortable hoodie goes great with a pair of blue skinnies and some slouchy ankle boots for a typical day outside, or with a midi-skirt and high heeled knee-long boots for a day at the office. Wear it zipped-up and feel like Jenny of the hood, or zipped-down to show off your slim-fit dress underneath.

3. The Slim-Fit Faux-Fur Coat with Added Benefits

Who says fur coats have to be massive and heavy? And who says they can’t go together with really casual occasions, such as shopping or going to the movies? A slim-fit, warm and soft faux-fur jacket becomes your best friend when you want to take your rust-red skinnies out for drinks with friends or your mini-skirt out for a date. Try some interesting colors and patterns as well. An ivory shaded slim-fit fur coat matches anything, but if you really want to stand out of the crowd, you should try a monochrome tribal printed one or even a multicolored one.

Even if some oversize coats look incredible, some ladies want as much freedom of movement as they can get in winter. Moreover, they don’t want to hide their bodies inside voluminous coats and cardigans. This is why the slim-fit casual jackets, hoodies and coats won’t go out of fashion any time soon.

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