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Creating memories; the outdoors with the family


4X4 cars are great for large families to get out and about in
As people get busier and time gets shorter it’s family time together that suffers. Parents work long hours and have other commitments and children may spend hours in activities as well as at school. Spending some time together though and creating memories as a family is incredibly important for every member of the family. Getting outdoors is a great way to remove the distractions of modern living and get to know each other better.

Going on a walk

The simplest ideas are sometimes the best. Going for a stroll with your toddler to feed the ducks and a day’s hill walking with your significant other can both do the same important job. Exercise, a touch of adrenalin and the opportunity to talk to one another without distractions are invaluable opportunities, if the time can just be carved out for them. On a walk you’re giving one person, or a group of people, all of your attention and listening to the things they find important.

Camping trips were some of the best times many of us had as children. Whether it was with the guides or scouts or with our families we made great memories and learnt vital skills. Some of us kept up the tradition and others let it fall by the way and a third group was never lucky enough to go at all. Whatever your skill and comfort level, there’s a campsite that suits your family and it’s a wonderful way to spend a few days. Don’t forget to cook potatoes and marshmallows on the fire, one evening.

Going for a drive

It may seem like the opposite of getting out into the fresh air, but for a family that lives in town it’s a great way to get out and see scenery that’s not manmade. You can explore an area you don’t know or visit an old route. Make the journey part of the time together if you need to drive.  4×4 cars are great for large families, not only for carrying people but for carrying camping or hiking equipment too. Those with younger children can have some of the best games and sing-along as they drive. Teens can sometimes be prevailed to share their music and because it’s a way to be close without having to maintain eye contact, teen parents report that it’s a great way to find out more about their children’s lives and troubles.

Any number of experts can tell us the importance of spending time as a family and as the Relationships Foundation tell us: it doesn’t have to be a week long holiday in the Maldives. Days out or just hours spent together have a huge impact on the emotional well being of the family as a whole as well as the individuals that make it up. Getting some fresh air, learning new skills or just enjoying each other’s company is a brilliant way for the family to spend its time. Making it a habit can help maintain family bonds as children grow up and change and life takes everyone in different directions.


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