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Considerations Worth Making While Renting a Tent for your Wedding Day

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After having made the critical decision of “where” to get married, it is time to get into the nitty-grittys of the décor. Especially if you are having an outdoor wedding or reception,you will want to invest in renting a reliable and sturdy tent under which you will be hosting your guests.

Here are a few considerations you will have to make while selecting the right tent

•  What Type of Tent do you want?

You can choose between a large multi-roomed tent and a classic canopy among various other options that will be provided to you. You can also select between a single chamber tent and one that comes with anterooms for your wedding cake, the dance floor or the bar.In addition to this, consider the following tent types-

o Push pole tents come with a high center pole as well as number of shorter ones for support. The anchor ropes and stakes are incorporated into the design. If you are using these, you may need to create a space large enough to also incorporate 7 feet of clear space around the exteriors.

o Similar to push pole tents are the tension tents. These have fewer poles and can be found in larger sizes.

o Frame tents do not require any interior poles or anchor ropes. If the space you are getting married in is small, this tent is ideal for your party. Furthermore, they can also be placed on concrete and other such impermeable surfaces.

o Canopies come with no sidewalls, anchor ropes and interior polls. It rests on a roof frame as well as exterior legs.

•   What should the Size of your Tent be?

Before you estimate the size of the tent, you need to first account for how many guests you are expected to host. Typically, the size of tent to select depends on the number of people attending, the type of meal you will serve and whether or not you need space for restrooms, a dance floor, a band, and a bar.

•   Where will you be placing the Tent?

Whilst making this decision, consider the following-

o Are you going to be using a private garden or are you renting a space?

o What is the ground like? Is it damp, muddy or rocky? It is ideal to find a space that is flat on a high ground with no big trees.

o Are there any local regulations you need to adhere to when renting a tent? Check on the zoning regulations with respect to vehicle parking and loud music.

o If you are serving alcohol, does your insurance cover you for liability? Make sure you are aware of the factors you are responsible for when using an unlicensed property.

o Does the ground offer a power source? Can you use the main electricity for temperature control and lighting? With recommendations from Cincinnatis top wedding tent rental company you will be able to make the correct decision with regards to your tent type and its placement.