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A Complete Body Massage: a Wholesome Package of Well Being

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Full body massage including a face treatment like a facial or face massage at the beauty salon Clapham Junction is the best energizer and refresher that you need to pamper you with, as it gives you a completely relaxed feeling right from head to toe. Massaging offers you the benefits of a toned skin with improved blood circulation that results in a natural glow. It is believed to be anti aging as it reduces wrinkles and also tightens up your facial muscles. A complete body massage is best known to rid the body of dead cells that gives you an improved skin tone. The massage oil actually moisturizes your skin and massage generally encourages tissue regeneration that in turn reduces the appearance of stretch marks and scars that you have.


The priceless benefits of the age old technique of body and face massage

Benefits of a complete head to toe massage are enormous to name a few it reduces any kind of swelling you are suffering from. Did you know that massage is an easy solution to constipation that has the side effects of headaches, insomnia, uneasiness and pain? Massage in fact improves digestion and aids in better absorption of nutrients.

Body massage offers you an improved skin tone and texture as it improves and increases blood flow. This is necessary for boosting up body’s immune system. It relieves you of all the pain, stress and anxiety by increased blood circulation and oxygen supply. On the whole it simply relaxes and soothes your body.

Massage and healthy hair

A complete body massage at the beauty salon Clapham Junction includes massaging your hair too. Apart from relieving stress and make you feel good it also aids in promoting hair growth and reducing dandruff making your hair healthier and better. This is again due to increased blood circulation and good oxygen supply.

Beauty benefits full body massage including the face for rejuvenating, anti aging for a glowing skin

Massage is an ideal form of detoxification as it promotes sweating that sheds out the toxins from the body. It helps restore your body’s ideal metabolism. Body wrap massages and anti aging facials actually firm up your loose skin giving a naturally younger look. Detoxification and rejuvenation due to the anti aging benefits that the massage offers promotes a healthy looking glowing skin.

A good full body massage is also known to reduce and prevent cellulite. This is because a properly done massage decreases the lymphatic build up that in turn leads to cellulite. It makes you feel relaxed and provides a wholesome stress busting experience that is known to reduce and maintain blood pressure. A good massage therapy employs aroma therapy where warm essential oils and lotions are used that makes you feel good and rejuvenates your skin, body and mind.

On the whole a complete body massage including face and hair is proven to give you a wholesome package of beauty benefits like anti aging, etc along with rejuvenation and relaxation. As it is known to lower anxiety and stress levels by increasing the levels of serotonin the happiness hormone.