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Choosing the Better way to send Flowers on an Occasion

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Sending flowers is one of the oldest ways that people have used to show others that they are being thought about.   Whether you are choosing to send your flower arrangement because you are celebrating an anniversary with your spouse or are sending a get well arrangement to a coworker who had surgery, flowers can be the perfect way to light up someone’s life.   So when is the right time to send flowers?  

What are some of the occasions when you send flowers?

  • Anniversary

â—¦           For married couples, the wedding anniversary is celebrated every year on the same day as they were married.   While it is not customary for others to send flowers to a married couple, it is a common practice for the husband to send flowers to the wife on their anniversary.

  • Birthday

â—¦           Birthdays are an occasion where anyone can send anyone flowers.   Everyone has a birthday and enjoy having people think about them on their special day, so taking the time out to send flowers to the person having a birthday will make their day!  

  • Mother’s Day

â—¦           Mother’s Day is a perfect opportunity for us to remember what our mothers have done for us and what they have sacrificed to give us the life that they want for us.   There are beautiful different types of bouquets to send for Mother’s Day, and it is a gift that is guaranteed to please.

  • Valentine’s Day

â—¦           Roses are the most common type of flower sent on Valentine’s Day because this day is a reminder of how much you love the person you are with.   While most flowers sent on Valentine’s Day are from significant others, parents also commonly send flowers to their children on Valentine’s Day, especially if they are single.

  • Funeral

â—¦           Although it is a sad time in people’s lives, funerals are a very common reason that people send flower arrangements.   When you attend a wake or a funeral, you will see multiple flower arrangements placed around the casket, and those are all arrangements that were sent to the family to let them know they were being thought about during their time of loss.   It is a very kind, thoughful gesture during this hard time.

How do I have flowers sent?

  • Call a local delivery

â—¦           If you are looking to have flowers delivered somewhere in your vicinity, you can always call a local florist.   The people that work there can listen to what type of occasion you are sending the flowers for and help you pick an arrangement that would be suitable for that purpose.

  • Order from an online vendor

â—¦           The easiest way to have flowers delivered is by ordering online from sites like megaflowers.com.   You can choose from flower arrangements that you get to actually look at before making your choice, and you can have the pleasure of filtering results by price, occasion, or other categories.

There actually doesn’t even need to be an occasion to send flowers.   People enjoy getting flowers unexpectedly even more than receiving them on an occasion, so don’t let that stop you.   If you get the sudden urge to send flowers or if you have an upcoming occasion that you want to send flowers to celebrate, check out megaflowers.com and send a bouquet today!