Throwback Fashion: 5 Retro Trends that Came Back In Style


We all know fashion has its own way of self-correcting its trajectory, so it should not be a surprise that some trends come back from time to time in a surprising time-loop. This year we have a mix of the seventies met the nineties that translated to the runway into fabulous designs. If you favor […]

What To Wear When Visiting A Top Casino


It is never easy to know what to wear for a night out but feeling confident with your wardrobe decisions when heading to a casino is even harder. The best thing that you can do is get in touch with the casino before your visit to ask about their dress code and this will be […]

Back in Black: 3 Spring / Summer 2016 Fashion Trends to Embrace

spring summer 2016 fashion trends

Black will always be fashionable, no matter the fashion season. However, in the last years, black has been put aside, as designers focused more on colors and striking patterns. But runways all over the world welcomed black again since famous houses and labels set the tone for this 2016 spring / summer period. Let’s see […]

Hardtop Gazebos buying guide is here


Do you own a big garden or yard? In this case a romantic gazebo would be it. Besides the fact, that there are a lot of prefbricated gazebos availble at every homedepot, you could go much further and pimp up the usual design to something like the one on the following picture. This would be […]

5 Fun and Practical Gift Ideas for International Women’s Day

gift ideas international womens day

The International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of March in many countries around the world. At the beginning of a new spring season, this day is perfect to tell the women in your life how much you love and appreciate them. It is also a great opportunity to offer them fun and practical […]

3 Shoes and Sandals Trends to Rock this Spring & Summer Season

shoe trends spring 2016

Spring is coming and we can’t wait to get rid of the heavy clothes and boots and slip into something more comfortable and lightweight. We have talked about the coolest trends in accessories for the 2016 warm season, but, this time, we will focus on shoes and sandals trends for this spring/summer. After all, what would […]

Three Surprising Spring Fashion Trends to Watch Out For This Year

lingerie inspired clothes 2016

We talked about this spring’s fashion trends many times before, but fashion events are getting more and more frequent and many of them share a few common trends we cannot just ignore. Some items look like taken straight out of old fashion albums, while others are innovative and slightly insane (in the best way possible). […]

How to Pull Off the Perfect Winter Look with the Help of Rain Boots

fashionable rain boots

Rain boots are a must-have in the cold season, and many fashion designers agree they are the hottest footwear trend to keep you cool and comfortable in a rainy day. There are some voices claiming that these boots should have never left the garden and walk in the streets, but major fashion houses strongly disagree. […]

Buy Trendy And Expressive Jewellery On The Internet


Most modern women seem to be getting into the latest trend of buying jewellery that is as unconventional as possible. The varieties that are available in the virtual shopping world seem to be vibrant and yet funky. Not only does such jewellery serve as a fashion statement but also as a way to express oneself […]

A Look into the Future: Five 2016 Summer Swimsuits Models to Wear


Winter may be coming, but the fashion world never stays still waiting for the snow to melt. Fashion trends for a particular year are usually established a year back, and this is how we know what the 2016 summer swimsuit trends are. We found some interesting swimsuits ideas to take into account for next year. […]