6 Ways to Style Your Blazer for Fab Casual but Professional Looks

casual formal blazer style

Women and blazers go great together, especially when it comes to office attires. But sometimes, the mighty business look, involving blazers, midi skirts, trousers, shirts and high heels can be a bit tiring and boring. Can you use the blazer to spice up a casual outfit to wear at work? Can you use a work […]

5 Office Wear Ideas to Style Every Day of the Week

business office wear

Carrie Bradshaw almost never had to go to the office, but when she did, she definitely picked breathtaking attire. You, on the other hand, might find it hard to style corporate outfits every single morning. If you don’t work at Vogue, to “borrow” some exquisite pieces from their dressing, you might have to answer this […]

Cuteness Overload: 3 Slim-Fit Winter Outfits for Casual Wear

slim fit winter coats for casual wear

Many ladies dread winter due to the many layers of clothes they have to wear and the dominant trend of finding slouchy and oversized winter sweaters or jackets. While there’s an entire fashion industry department focused on elegant, elaborate winter outfits (we have covered a few times already), today it’s time to take a look at […]

Stylish Indoor Clothes to Keep You Warm This Winter

indoor stylish winter clothes

With the low temperatures outside, staying indoors enjoying warmth and comfort is the wisest thing to do. Especially if you don’t have to go anywhere and you get to enjoy a long cozy weekend. But truth be told, adding layers after layers of clothes, even if indoors, is not the fashionable way to go. Let’s […]

How to Match Loose Fit Clothes for a Bohemian Winter Look

loose fit fashion

Slim fit outfits are definitely trendy, as they let all the right curves to show and can go with many different personal fashion styles and choices. But in case you didn’t notice, this summer was very much about loose fit combinations and clothes, as they provide women with more than comfort, they also make them […]

5 Autumn/ Winter Fashion Items that Compliment Your Body Type

winter fashion items

More than once we hear Fashion Police representatives comment upon the brilliant (or the very poor) choices some women make when they dress up. They talk about women’s height not going well with a certain type of trousers, or about women’s’ body types not being at all complimented by certain dress models. To shine some […]

Is Goth Fashion the New Street Fashion? 5 Designers Think It Is


Fashion specialists attending the New York Fashion Week this fall came back home puzzled and asking themselves one question: is gothic fashion turning into street, casual fashion? Usually (and negatively) associated with some sub-culture groups, BDSM, and certain types of lifestyles, gothic fashion seems to gain more and more popularity among fashion designers. And there […]

3 Casual Looks Which Go Great with High Heeled Sneakers


When the French designer Isabel Marant first introduced the high-heeled sneakers, there were many fashion critics labeling the product in terms of “the ugliest shoes ever invented”. Some fashion magazines quickly developed allergies while talking about them, while famous fashion bloggers sworn vengeance against these shoes which seemed to make no sense. The underground fashion […]

Fall Trends: Designers’ Inspiration and Signature Colors


The fall-winter season is here and everybody is holding their breath to see the streets turned into fashion catwalks. Earlier in spring, we have seen all fashion shows and took note of Pantone’s predictions referring to this season’s most powerful colors. Today, we will take a look over the most interesting fall trends, taking a […]

School Outfits & How to Accessorize Them


If a few days ago we talked about styling business outfits, today we want to focus on the younger ladies that follow Oh Industry. While you might not be hitting the office, you will definitely be hitting the books in this time because you are back to school. We want to help you do it […]