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Is Casual Dressing A Fashion In The Modern Days?

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Casual dressing is an expression of persons’ fashion preference and comfort. Casual dressing therefore breaks the dress codes set by society, of what fashion items are to be worn in certain places, times or events. Dress codes are set by society, and are associated with time, age, events and even social classes.

In modern days, dress codes have evolved and are associated with a variety of things, among them, gender expressions, personal feelings and events. Fashion in itself haslargely evolved and is more accommodating than in previous years. It has evolved and is being used as a means of expressing creativity and personal feelings, or gender.Currently, casual dresses are more of a means of personal expression. It is therefore a fashion dress code in the modern society.

In the current era, casual clothes fashion and designs are very authentic pieces, with lots of creativity and uniqueness. It therefore allows anyone to be able to have a fashion statement of their own and express themselves through it. This makes it a more of a greater fashion to the modern generation. Another reason that makes casual dressing a fashion in current times is its flexibility. Casual clothes are flexible in a number of ways. One, wearing casual clothes to work allows one to wear descent but comfortable pieces. This helps them feel at ease, and more relaxed, hence of higher productivity. For work wear, casual dressing has highly evolved and would include brighter pieces that can be paired and mixed to fit the office, yet they are not very uptight. This form of casual dressing is referred to as a business casual look. It is also an effective modern fashion, because most jobs are no longer office located. Some professions will involve business coffees or outdoor meetings, and the smart casual dress codes perfectly fit in. This flexibility is very essential in a work place, since one has many options at their disposal. In the same flexibility factor, casual dress codes are flexible in terms of transition from night wear to day wear. Casual fashion offers pieces that one would bear to work, then later adds a piece or two, and transforms the code in to an evening wear or night wear. This fashion is very favorable to people to have busy career schedules, and will always be on trying to save time. This flexibility factor and ability to transform will therefore make casual clothes in to a modern fashion element.

Casual dress code is also a modern fashion due to its affordability. Most of the casual clothes do not have to be high end, and hence are easily affordable to most people.Most places and stores will offer classy second hand casual clothes, at affordable prices. This casual fashion is therefore more affordable than the highly priced suits and semi-formal wears. Casual fashion is also famous due to its ability to allow one express themselves either as a man or a woman. In the same case, one is allowed to put together pieces they are more comfortable in. in previous years, dress codes for example controlled men to wear white shirts with black suits and bow ties, especially in western countries. Casual fashion has moved from this and given people to wear what expresses how they feel, who they are and even their fashion preference is explored. Currently, most fashion designers are leaning in to creating diverse casual dress codes. These fit the many day-to-day needs of the majority population, for example in events like weddings, burials, family ceremonies, work and even night wear. This diversity will is what makes casual clothing a fashion statement. Looking at the above factors, casual dressing is hence a fashion in the current era. It might also dominate the fashion industry in future, due to its diversity and possible evolution in to pieces that fit and meet the needs of the majority.



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