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Cashmere sweaters that keep you warmest during winter

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Wear the right clothes and   you could stay warm even on the coldest days of winter. The past two to three winters it might not have been so important to wear layered clothes or clothes that are thick enough to insulate you from the cold. However, according to weather predictions, if you live in the Southwest, Midwest or Northeast, during the winter of 2014 you’re going to have to pay attention to the clothes you buy and wear.


But, you don’t want to focus only on staying warm while you’re out shopping for winter clothes like cashmere sweaters. You also want to look for clothes that are designed with styles that mirror your unique personality. Comfort is another benefit you want cashmere sweaters to give you.


After all, as Huffington Post shares, “During the winter months, we all want to look our best, but its just so hard to bundle up and still look GREAT. The abundance of cold weather accessories ““ (hats, gloves, scarves) can be overwhelming, and bulky sweaters, coats and boots can leave you looking like a haphazard snow woman if youre not careful.”


When looking for clothes that will keep you warm, the Post says, “A simple boatneck style cashmere sweater is the best winter investment; it is super warm and simply stylish.” Make sure you get 4-ply cashmere sweaters for yourself and/or for women you love during the winter. The more ply the sweaters have, the thicker the Scottish yarn threads the sweaters are made of are.


On especially cold days, pull on a faux fur vests gain more insulation. This will keep you warmer without giving you a bulky look. An insulated nylon vest works well outdoors, keeping you from always having to pull on a heavy coat.


Another way to stay warm during the winter while wearing stylish cashmere sweaters is to pull on a pair of leather pants or a leather skirt. Few materials keep the body warm like fine leather. You can also wear silk or knit tops with leather pants, dresses and skirts.


If you get chilly indoors while wearing a silk or knit blouse, pull on an asymmetrical cashmere cardigan sweater. These sweaters open at the front like traditional button down sweaters. Tonal colors in the sweater add depth to the garments.


A v-neck cardigan is soft and smooth. However, if the sweaters are authentic cashmere, they won’t be a slick smooth. Cashmere sweaters that feel slippery might have been over processed. An over processed sweater is at risk of losing its shape.


You don’t want this as you’re already going to have to take a few simple steps to keep the best cashmere sweaters from stretching. You can pull this off by hand washing the sweaters and folding and storing them in a dry area. Although you could hang the sweater on padded hangers, folding and storing them in dry areas offers the most protection against the sweaters stretching.


Furthermore, a block neck sweater or a round neck sweater can keep you warmer than a broad v-neck sweater. To stay stylish while staying warm, look for sweaters that come in patterns, prints and colors you love.



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