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Beijing Oh! 2008 – Our First Look at the Olympics

A quick look at the Beijing ’08 Olympics beyond Michael Phelps’ bling, and Misty May-Treanor and Keri Walsh’s bikinis. Link to the full stories below…

Pac-Man leads Pin@y Delegation at Opening Ceremonies
He’s not competing, but he’s lookin’ good in the teal Barong and post-Apo Hiking Society  haircut.

Pinoy Food Services Chef at UCI Caters the Olympics
Top chef for realz. Those lucky dorm brats at UCI!
Bearfriends: Cal Softball Great, Vicky Galindo
Rocks Beijing
Go Go Galindo (nickname courtesy of Karen Spencer, and disseminated by our very own bearbacker, KT) takes on the world before softball takes its bow on the Olympic stage. Bull$h!t, IOC. Bring softball back by 2016, or else…
1898 aXis Files: Colonial Washouts, Spain,  
Screw Up Again
Watch your back when you return to L.A., Pau Gasol…

“What do you mean ‘Asian’?!? Technically
Indians are Asian now!” –  Pineapple Express
After years of being  screwed over  for a spot on Team USA, manwich deluxe, Raj Bhavsar finally gets his one moment in time.