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Be Bold, Stand Out: Choose Patterns!

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Why settle for boring, ol’ solid patterns when you can truly express your personality with patterns? Get inspired with our styling ideas and be bold, stand out: choose patterns!


If you’re not wearing Aztec or tribal prints in 2015, you seriously need to rethink your wardrobe options. No matter how old you are, Aztec patterns will give you a fresh, young and playful appearance for any season. You can go with the classic black and white combo or get creative with all sorts of bright colors, depending on the event you are planning to attend.

Animal Print

There are so many types of animal print patterns available for clothes that it truly is impossible to not find one that suits you. While the most popular varieties are cheetah and leopard, a zebra or tiger pattern can look equally exotic and appealing on clothing. Just make sure that if you wear a piece with an animal print pattern you neutralize the rest of your outfit with solid colors.


Floral patterns, especially vintage flowers, are simply perfect for wearing during autumn. The soft, pastel shades are really easy to adorn without appearing to be too flashy. You can wear all sorts of dresses, skirts or blouses will floral patterns to bring out that beautiful, feminine side.


As far as geometric shapes are concerned, triangles have definitely seen a huge increase in popularity recently. Go for some eccentric triangle pattern leggings or an oversized sweatshirt / sweater with triangles printed all over. You can also wear triangle accessories to compliment your outfit.


Plaid will literally never go out of fashion. The traditional lumberjack pattern still looks as amazing today as it did in the 90s, and when matched with a pair of beige Timberland’s, you will be completely irresistible. Plaid works wonderfully for button-up shirts, dresses and blouses alike. You can even get a punk rock edge with red plaid plants, or the school girl look with a tartan skirt.


Ah, the lovely appeal of zig-zags. The Chevron pattern is widely popular nowadays, from fashion, to interior design, even to school supplies. Play around with all sorts of color combinations or stay monochrome for a timeless appearance. Trust me, a classic and classy black and white Chevron pattern dress will help you out in any fashion crisis.


Just like plaid, stripes will never, ever go out of style, if you know how to wear them properly. Go crazy with vertical black and white stripes for an eye-catching dress or pair of pants, or get inspiration from sailors with navy blue horizontal stripes on blouses. When it comes to stripes, the sky literally is the limit for all of the possibilities you have at hand.


What can be cuter than dots? Large polka dots or teeny tiny dots all over are both awesome patterns for clothes. They can be worn at school, the office or even a sweet date, while remaining completely appropriate. Sometimes it’s just fantastic to be girly, isn’t it?

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