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Basics of the Beauty Business

 Fulfilling your ambition to be your own boss is a wonderful feeling. It is not easy but that is not to say you should not try. As long as you have done your planning and have acquired the right skills you can make a success of your new business venture in the multi-million pound beauty industry.


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If you are starting up your own beauty business and feel you have a good foundation having worked in the beauty industry for a time you will still need some help. Youll need advice about how to run a business, market your business, manage your staff and find the best suppliers.


Youll likely need advice about preparing your business plan. You need to sit down with your accountant and put together a forecast, budget and cash flow to identify your financial needs and level of sales youll need to be successful. Finding premises and fitting them out will be time consuming and potentially costly, and recruiting staff will certainly give you plenty of responsibility.


Your business sector


Your business will be successful if you have the expertise and ability to attract people through your door. As well as excellent service you need to have top class products for your clients, so finding the best suppliers will be essential. Youll also need all the right equipment for the different services you want to offer your clients.


You should research potential suppliers before making contact. Look for a company that has a good idea of what you are trying to do and recognises the need for service.


Beauty Services


Think about the services your clients might be interested in. Almost every woman has to deal with unwanted body hair and this provides repeat business on a regular basis. Theyre also interested in looking healthy and younger so if you can provide a service which takes care of both ““ youll be laughing all the way to the bank.


Hair removal, skin rejuvenation and tanning services could well form the base of any beauty business as they are all services in demand by a large group of potential clients and many women either dont want to or dont have time to do it themselves.


As your beauty business develops and grows you may decide to add even more services for your clients, based on their own needs or suggestions. If there is more profit to be made and another service fits seamlessly into your business plan then why not?


One of the latest trends in hair removal is IPL or intense pulsed light treatments. If you find IPL machines for sale you should look at the features they provide and see where it might fit in with the services you intend to provide in your salon. Your clients will love feeling on top of the world as they leave your salon looking relaxed, healthier – and possibly younger. A sure-fire recipe for success! And whats best is if they like your services, theyll be back for more on a regular basis, and they might well bring their friends with them next time too. Repeat business is GOOD business!


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