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Awesome Watch Brands Everyone Wants To Own

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At a time of year when most UK residents are spending their days trying to find the best presents for other people. Those amongst us who did all that back in November might be on the lookout for cool gifts we can give to ourselves. Watches are always a popular choice thanks to the sheer amount of variation in design (and price, come to think of it), which is why Ive decided to spend a few minutes today writing this article to highlight some of the most popular and desirable brands.

Obviously I wont be able to include everyone’s favourites, but if you spend the next few moments scanning through the rest of this post its almost certain youll find something that suits your taste. Some are rather cheap, others a lot more expensive, but they all have one underlying similarity; theyre really really cool!

Rolex (starting price: around £500)

Now, it would be silly of anyone to ignore Rolex watches in an article like this, especially since theyve been one of the most respected and frequently brought brand names of the last 100 years. Most of the models might be a little too pricey for most people, but you can stick pick up a few bargains if you know where to look. Jewellery stores in your local city centre are probably the best place to pick one up at this time of year, as they may have some good deals for anyone willing to haggle.

Swatch (starting price: around £350)

First launched in 1983 by renowned designer Nicolas Hayek, Swatch has seen remarkable success over the last 30 years. People tend to recognise this brand by their use of futuristic technology and keen eye for detail, which is precisely the reason why theyve made it onto this list. Anyone wishing to purchase a Swatch product can do so online at all major jewellery websites.

Citizen (starting price: around £130)

The great thing about Citizen is the size of their range. Anyone on a budget will have no trouble picking one up for less than £150, whilst those with a little more cash to spend can opt for some of the higher-end models that can cost up to and including £1700. For the most part, even the less expensive items look luxurious, so dont worry, none of your friends will realise youre wearing a cheap timepiece.

Omega (starting price: around £300)

This Swedish watch brand has been around for donkeys years, which means youve probably all owned one at some point in the past. Recognised for their durability and sleek designs, Omega are truly a household name, and this is why I consider them to be awesome watchmakers. Its always worth checking on auction website like eBay for one of these, because Omega offer pretty amazing deals to anyone willing to place a bulk order, so you might well grab yourself a bargain.

So, now youve heard about some of the most popular watch brands available on todays market, I hope you dont get into too much trouble when the wife finds out youve spend the Christmas hamper money.

Happy Christmas!

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