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Awesome Messages We Love to Wear on T-shirts

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Why not take your favorite piece of clothing and transform it into a reflection of your personality? Have fun, make a statement or show your support with these 7 awesome messages we love to wear on t-shirts below!

1. Jokes

As far back as we can remember random birthday presents, funny t-shirts were always on top of the list. T-shirts with jokes or amusing messages printed on them are great for the gay or gal with a sense of humor who is not afraid to show it. Just please try to stay away from toilet humor, for the sake of fashion.

2. Motivational Message

What better way to brighten your day and that of the ones around you than by wearing a t-shirt that conveys motivation? No matter if you choose an inspirational quote from your favorite role model or just a sentence that will help you push through work to achieve your goals, t-shirts with motivational messages are always awesome to wear from all points of view.

3. Logo Spoofs

One of the greatest trends recently regarding t-shirts is wearing creative adaptations of iconic brands from the fashion world. It is impossible to not have seen a “Célfie” t-shirt until now, or phrases based on a brand, like “More Issues than Vogue”. The back to back Cs logo of Chanel has been used in so many different ways that it has a category of its own. Have fun and take a break from taking fashion so seriously with a logo spoof tee.

4. Statements

Whether the message is of social, political, religious or personal origin, the statement t-shirt has come a long way and has slipped its way into wardrobes around the world. Even the most famous of celebrities can be spotted wearing a t-shirt with a powerful statement, and we, the little people, have proudly followed suit.

5. Represent Your City

We are all more than familiar with the signature “I <3 NY” t-shirt, which has been adapted according to almost every major city in the world, but are city t-shirts just for tourists? No, sir. We encourage you to represent your city by wearing it on your t-shirt, under the form of a super cool design. Be proud of where you were born and raised and don’t be afraid to share it with the world.

6. Favorite Band

Music is one of the best ways in which you can express your personality, and wearing a t-shirt with your favorite band is a practical and stylish way in which you can do so. In addition to this, traditional band t-shirts (with just the logo) have now upgraded into tops with tasteful designs, like this retro Pink Floyd t-shirt. Match it with a pair of jeans or a skirt and show your love for your favorite artists.

7. Sports Team

Go team! Support your favorite football, baseball or basketball team by wearing a t-shirt with their logo. Not only can you wear it to their games, but also in general to show your love for the sport and the team you love rooting for.

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