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Autumn Fashion Pieces We Were Waiting For

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We can all agree that we had an amazing, unforgettable and priceless summer, filled with some of our favorite sweet and sexy trends. We rocked shorts, floral dresses and tanks flawlessly, and we loved every minute of it. Nevertheless, even the greatest of summer fashionistas get tired of wearing the same kind of pieces after months and months of mixing and matching them. One of the reasons why we literally could not wait for fall to come around was the variety of seasonal fashion pieces that came along with it. When it comes to diversity, the cooler seasons definitely have everything you need covered. Without further ado, check out the autumn fashion pieces we were waiting for below!

1. Hats

We really can’t stress how much we love hats, in all of their wonderful varieties. For autumn, we adore how a chic beanie can enhance a street outfit as the perfect accessory. If you are more on the girly side, you can go with any floppy felt hat in a seasonal shade.

2. Scarves

This autumn fashion piece is both gorgeous and practical at the same time. A classy scarf playfully draped around your neck will keep you warm and serve as a well thought-out detail to compliment your coat. Choose a scarf in your favorite color and match it to the other pieces of your autumn outfit.

3. Gloves

Gloves are yet another useful and chic accessory that can be the final touch your outfit requires. You can match your gloves with your scarf or hat, and even cut off the top of the finger parts for an edgy and stylish impact. To stay sharp, always go for leather.

4. Trench Coats

Trench coats, have we missed you! These autumn fashion pieces are perfect for accentuating your waist line (always go for a belt or sash in the middle) and matching with your boots and other accessories. You can go for a trench with elbow-length sleeves for the first half of autumn and upgrade to a thicker, wool piece when it gets colder.

5. Tights

You know what accessory looks charming with trench coats (and boots, for that matter)? Tights, of course. We adore tights in autumn colors like auburn, mustard, forest green or, more recently, Marsala, the 2015 Pantone Color of the Year. For an extra cool effect, choose a pair of fall tights with an interesting pattern to match with your simple dresses.

6. Knee High Socks

We would literally wear knee high socks all year around if we could, that’s how much we love these babies. For a young and fresh approach to your autumn outfit you can wear a pair of knee high socks and a short skirt with a high waistline.

7. Boots

We were saving the best for last. Even though you probably rocked a pair of boots at a festival this summer, you did not have the opportunity of wearing them as freely as you do now. Long or high, leather, suede or patent, the sky is the limit when choosing boots these season.

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