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Artists that Have Transformed the Music Industry

The music industry is highly competitive and there is a constant influx of new artists who are frantically trying to get their voice heard and their talents recognised. Music fans are regularly updated and informed of new talent emerging into the charts through entertainment sources such as wow247.co.uk. New acts have been able to break into the music scene bringing with them a different style of music and accompanying attitudes something, which would have been impossible if it werent for some of the most influential performers in music history.


The King of Pop

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Michael Jackson was able to single handedly revolutionise the pop music industry through his lyrics, performances and accompanying videos. He sold 750 million records worldwide with a career spanning several decades through his role in the boy band Jackson 5 and later his solo career.


There is not a person alive that doesnt recognise the name of such an influential artist and his breakthrough music videos changed the way we watched and listened to music, Thriller was a miniature film and the creativity of the artist shone through.


Michael Jackson is responsible for the biggest selling album of all time and he used music and his star status to raise the plight of several charities and global issues.


They are the Champions


Queens is one of the biggest bands of all time and theyre known across the globe for their catchy lyrics and bold energetic performances.


Freddie Mercury was the epitome of a performer and the perfect front man for a group that were heavily influenced and inspired by the rock genre. They are best known for their songs “We will rock you” and “We are the champions”, both of which still receive regular airplay today and are often listed in the best songs of all time.


The band was forced to fall from the charts after the death of Freddie Mercury although they are still considered to be music royalty. The London stage show entitled “We will rock you” has immortalised the band and their music.


The Vogue of the Industry


Madonna is by far the most successful female artist in music history and is still a regular feature in the charts today. She has sold 300 million records and even has an appearance in the World Record books due to her success.


Despite having a career spanning several decades, Madonna has been able to transition through the years as the star has constantly reinvented herself and transitioned with her fans and the changes in music.


She has made a strong name for herself in the world of music and fashion and has even dabbled in acting and been the inspiration for many successful modern female artists.


They Love You, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah


The Beatles are the biggest band in history, without a doubt. With a billion record sales under their belts, the four ordinary boys from Liverpool transformed the pop and rock music scene and became well known across the globe.


Paul McCartney is still considered to be a legend and has had a highly successful solo career. The same would have been said for John Lennon if he hadnt been tragically murdered shortly after the bands demise.


The band was the epitome of what all bands should be and they carried worldwide appeal, good attitudes and a passion for their music and fans.



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