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Are Diamonds Still a Girl’s Best Friend?

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A lot of pressure gets put on the engagement ring. For many women, the ring is a symbol not just of the commitment she is about to make but of how well her significant other knows and understands her. Its important that it be exactly right. This doesnt just mean that you get the cut and carat right. In fact, in some cases it might not be a diamond at all.

According to Readers Digest, while the engagement ring is a tradition eons old, diamonds werent used until the Archduke Maximilian of Austria used diamonds shaped into an M to propose to Mary of Burgundy in the fifteenth century. It took until almost 1950 (1947 to be exact) for people to start equating diamond rings with engagement and that only happened because DeBeers marketed diamond rings as engagement rings like crazy through their famous and decades long “a diamond is forever” campaign.

Today, couples are branching back out and getting away from the “engagement rings must feature diamonds” tradition.

Last year saw a huge trend in the use of gemstones for engagement rings. Sapphire rings, ruby rings, and other stones were all featured prominently and proudly on left hands.

Vintage rings featuring a variety of designs have also been growing in popularity. One womans engagement ring was a gold band and a ceramic stone with a bee carved into it (bees are her favorite creature)!

So what do you do if you want to propose now that you dont have the “it has to be a diamond or it doesnt count” marketing to determine your decision?

1. Talk to your future bride

Is there any particular style or design of ring that shes had her heart set on having? Many women are pretty up front when it comes to their jewelry preferences. Pay attention when she says she likes or doesnt like something and then use that knowledge to help inform your choices.

2. Talk to her friends

Enlist a friend who understands her taste and style to help you pick out the perfect engagement ring. Make sure you choose a friend who can keep a secret and who can put her own tastes aside in favor of your beloveds!

3. Shop Together

A lot of proposals dont even feature a ring anymore. This takes a lot of pressure off of you and your jewelry options. After she says yes, go shopping together to pick out the perfect ring. This way you both know that she will love whatever ring is put on to her finger. Even if you hate the idea of not presenting a ring at the moment of your proposal theres something to be said for simply asking your love what kind of engagement ring shed like to have.

After youve figured out what type of ring youre looking for, spend some time shopping around. You dont have to pay through the nose at a jewelry store anymore! Now you can order engagement rings online through sellers like FrontJewelers and still have access to unique options like blue sapphires (think Kate Middleton’s engagement ring).

Remember: its normal to be nervous and to second guess yourself, so take your time and trust your gut! And dont forget: the ring is just one part of your proposal! Good luck!


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