An essential guide that will help you buy the perfect cardigan

cardiganAgreed, diamonds from New York are a girls best friend. However, cardigans are not too far in this race to claim this position in the lives of women. You may not realize it but cardigans are a perfect accompaniment to almost any outfit and considering the fact that winter is just around the corner, wearing cardigans is the simplest way to make a dramatic fashion statement. Besides, it can add a great dimension to your overall ensemble.

However, there is a possibility that you may belong to that category of women who strongly disagree with the aforementioned statements and the absolute thought of wearing your cardigan may fill you with dread. The simple reason for this is probably the fact that you are unable to buy a cardigan that accentuates the best features of your body. You must not forget the fact that cardigans are a fun way to breathe life into any simple or neutral colored outfit. They are fresh and vibrant. Besides, they are not just great to protect you from the harsh winter but also help in taking your overall appearance to the next level.

You can consider following the guidelines given below to ensure that you buy just the right cardigan to bring out your best features based on your body type.

1.)       The asymmetrical cut:

This cardigan is best suited for women with a larger frame particularly in the areas around the hips and the thighs. Straight cuts that end right on the hips can draw attention to your problem area, thus making your hips look fuller. The key to buying the right cardigan for your body type is by selecting the one that either conceals your hips well or ends just above them. As a rule of thumb, stay away from cropped cardigans by all means as they will give an illusion of a smaller upper body, thus instantly drawing attention to your hips.

2.)       The boyfriend cut:

This is one of the most popular types of cardigans. Boyfriend cardigans usually long and therefore, are ideal for people who are not too proud of their mid section. It helps hide away any flab that may threaten to mess up your appearance. Generally, you must select cardigans with straight cuts. Besides, you must also ensure that you do not buy a cardigan that has a prominent blouson shape as it will only highlight your midsection making matters worse. It is also an excellent idea to avoid using belts to embellish your cardigan as it will help attract unwanted attention. In this case too, you must avoid wearing cropped cardigans.

3.)       The classic V neck:

This type of cardigan is best suited for women with a larger upper body. The V neck gives an illusion of a leaner torso, provided you select a cardigan that is not too exaggerated with varied embellishments. Cardigans with simple sleeves as opposed to Dolman sleeves will go well with this look. While the Dolman sleeves are a great option for women to add some spark into the cardigan, it should be consciously shirked by women with a larger upper body as this type of sleeves will only shed more light on your problem areas. Besides, if you feel that your cardigan is way too simple, you could opt for jewelry like diamonds from New York to complete your look.

4.)       The embellished cardigan:

This is an ideal cardigan to own if you have broader shoulders. As a rule of thumb, you should aim to avoid necklines that are too fancy as it will attract attention to your problem areas. Instead wear cardigans with embellishments like ruffles and the likes for a cleaner look.

Authors bio:

Helena Scott is a personal shopper and works at a well known couture boutique and helps clients find the perfect piece of clothing based on several factors. She loves diamonds and New York is her most favorite city due to its style and fashion conscious citizens.