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Affordable Fashion for the Ultimate Wardrobe Overhaul

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As an ever-changing area, fashion trends can be difficult to keep up with. There are regular new suggestions of trends as each season approaches and the truly fashion savvy often have to resort to new measures to maintain their style status without breaking the bank. Customisation is one of the biggest on going trends and existing outfits and items can be altered to meet with the latest fashion looks. There are different ways to overhaul an item of clothing and a number of people make an item unique and personalised with a little help from sources such as http://www.patchsuperstore.com/


The cost of clothes is high but they are one area that people are willing to spend any additional income on. Rather than spending large amounts of money on new items the latest looks can easily be emulated at home with the help of a creative mind and a sewing kit. Clothes customisation is a cost effective way to have the latest designs that is affordable and will refresh the wardrobe.


Dealing with Denim


One material and look that will always be included in the latest runway fashion shows is denim. It is a fabric that will never go out of fashion although the style of the clothes will.

  • Add rips and tears to existing pairs of jeans to fulfil the trend of the relaxed, rock chick look.
  • Denim shorts are big throughout the summer and winter and simply removing the legs of a pair of jeans will make the perfect pair, fraying will finish the look.
  • Denim jackets are still in style although the denim waistcoat is far bigger and can be easily created by removing the arms of a jacket and again fraying the edges.


Just Jackets


A classic, which never goes out of style due to its functionality, jackets can be easily adapted to fit the latest jacket styles.

  • Waistcoats are big this year and work perfectly throughout the seasons as a finishing touch to a look.
  • Adding rhinestones, patches and scarves will refresh the look of a jacket and make it unique in design.
  • Remove the bottom of a longer jacket to make either a cropped version or if you are feeling particularly creative a waterfall coat.


Simple Skirts


The skirt is the staple of a female wardrobe and can be worn in any scenario either dressed up with bare legs or dressed down with tights and boots.

  • Changing the length of a skirt can make it more suited to an occasion and will change the look entirely.
  • A belt or buttons will make the item personal and makes it dressier.
  • Wear the skirt in different situations with different items than previously worn, mix with a high fashion new top to change the connotation of the skirt.


Classic Dresses


The dress can be worn in so many different ways, especially if it is in a classic style and a neutral colour.

  • With leggings being such a style statement, dresses can accompany them and be turned into longer tops.
  • Changing the length and the fit will mean the dress is appropriate for different occasions.





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