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Add More Body to Your Fine Hair

 If you have fine hair you probably have problems in maintaining a look that isnt flat or lifeless; even when fine hair is clean it tends to lie close to your head without a lot of bounce or movement. You can add more body to your fine hair with the right type of products, an interesting cut, and a stylist who knows some tips and techniques for adding life to limp, fine hair.

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Layering Wont Always Work

Using a layering technique on fine hair may not work the way that your stylist intended for it to. Your hair will look lovely in the salon but once you leave and encounter humidity or a rainstorm, the life may drain right out of your new look. Try to encourage your hairstylist to leave as much of the thickness as possible and request a hair cut that is only one length; if you have too many layers your hair can appear stringy and unattractive. Keeping one length adds to the shape of your hair which works well if its fine and lacks in volume.

Get the Right Cut

If your hair is thin, you should keep your hair length above your collarbone; it also adds a bit of interest if you ask the stylist to cut the back just a little shorter than the front. Youll find that shorter styles give your fine hair more body and movement and are thus more attractive. Look at some pictures that you can share with your stylist so that she will see exactly the cut that you prefer; you should also be very careful when you instruct her about the amount of hair to cut from your current style. Your ultimate goal should be to have a hair cut that is easily managed and maintained until your next appointment.

Go Long with Extensions

If you have a special occasion where youd like to have long, flowing tresses that add to your overall appearance, you can always purchase hair extensions to use to improve your hair style. Many women are deciding to use extensions that add both fullness and body to your fine hair; theyre not just for the celebrities anymore. You can find a plethora of styles, lengths, and colours to clip into your own hair for a new and refreshing look; be sure to choose something that accents your facial features, your body size, and the wardrobe that you plan to wear. If you visit a reputable website you can learn a great deal about whats available, the colours that you can choose, and the styles that might work with your existing haircut. Youll also want to learn about the proper care of your extensions and how often to use them for the best results.

You dont have to be stuck with fine hair and a limp style the rest of your life; by using some creative techniques, getting a good cut, and adding extensions to your hair youll be the life of the party with your new look.

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