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Accessorize Winter: How to Stay Warm AND Be Fashionable

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Some people in the fashion world say that winter requires fashion sacrifices, as the top priority is to stay warm and be safe from cold and frostbites. Others say that no matter how freezing the weather is outside, ladies should always be fashionable. Today we say we can achieve both goals with the help of a few smartly-chosen accessories. Keeping an eye on the fall-winter fashion trends of this year we realized women of all ages and tastes can benefit from all sorts of elegant, chic, casual, and even practical accessories which can make them look stunning in the cold season. Let’s see a few items that go well with winter and your personal style.

Crossbody Bags for Casual or Chic Looks

Bags are some of the most important accessories for women. While bags benefit from their own fashion trends, it is also true that winter comes with a few obstacles which might make you think twice before leaving the house. How can you keep your hands warm without carrying a bag? How can you look smashing in your faux fur coat and not compromise your overall look? A well-chosen stylish crossbody bag may be the answer this year, as famous fashion designers seem to have found the perfect combination between style and practicality. They can be casual or sporty, classy or elegant. Crossover bags are versatile and allow you freedom of movement. They also allow you to keep your hands warm and they go great with virtually any outfit. Perfect for sports jackets and intriguing together with wool coats, crossover bags are indispensable accessories this winter.

Gloves that Feel Like They Don’t Exist

Winter gloves are a must-have no matter the fashion trend du jour. However, many women resent them, as they make it hard to achieve refined movements, not to mention texting. This year there are some new gloves in town, as fashion designers realized women need their hands free to move and safe from cold or frostbite. Your best choice is the leather ones, so smooth you almost can’t feel them and so warm, you’ll think summer is back. High-quality leather gloves allow you to handle all objects, use your smartphone and be more fashionable as you’ve ever been.

Quirky Winter Hats

When it comes to winter hats, only your imagination is the limit. This season designers have quite a generous offer and you have plenty of choices to keep your head warm, look like a fashion model and maybe hide a bad hair day. The classic faux fur hat turned into a hip-hop inspired hood and it looks brilliant. Moreover, try a fashionable fedora which goes great with your camel coat and your elbow-long leather gloves for an outstanding look. Are you the sporty casual-chic type? Try a natural wool bohemian style colored hat, going great with your denim jacket and that crinkle nylon crossbody bag we were talking about.

Let winter come, ladies!

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