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A Look into the Future: Five 2016 Summer Swimsuits Models to Wear

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Winter may be coming, but the fashion world never stays still waiting for the snow to melt. Fashion trends for a particular year are usually established a year back, and this is how we know what the 2016 summer swimsuit trends are. We found some interesting swimsuits ideas to take into account for next year. You might wonder what can be new in this department but sit back, enjoy and relax while we present you some hot swimsuits to wear in 2016.

1. The Sleeved Swimsuit

Do we get your attention now? This new piece of swimsuit to look into in 2016 doesn’t actually have sleeves but does indeed feature a high-neckline top with cutaway shoulders. It is a two-piece swimsuit showcasing a high-front halter shape and tiny bikinis. The full-coverage crop-top shapes can make interesting contrasts, especially because this type of swimsuit comes in strong, bold colors. Patterns and abstract designs in quirky splashes of colors turn this swimsuit into a true piece of art.

2. The Mesh-Based Swimsuit

Swimsuits with mesh insertions and mesh netting are not the newest models in town, but next year they will take things up a notch, coming in strong monochromatic colors. The one piece mesh netting swimsuits coming up next year are even more comfortable, covering even “problematic” body parts and granting freshness during a long day at the beach. Such swimsuits are perfect for women with curves, a thing that proves once again that modern fashion doesn’t address only the skinny fashion models as many thinks.

3. The Digital-Printed Swimsuit

The slick one-piece swimsuit will never go out of fashion. But the element of innovation we will witness next year is the sophisticated one-piece swimsuit coming in original digital prints. We are talking about solid, strong colors and refined, luxurious materials that enhance the feeling of comfort and freshness a swimsuit should offer. The clean-cut slick one-piece swimsuit addresses slim silhouettes and young women in general.

4. The High-Waisted Bikini Swimsuit

If you think Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor, you are on the right path envisioning next year’s beach fashion trends. The high-waist bikinis are making a powerful comeback in two-piece swimsuits with a touch of contemporary trends. They are now strongly colored and feature powerful contrasts. However, fashion designers are slowly shifting from dazzling colored patterns and neon colors to more stone-like shades. We are not talking about gray or ivory, but precious stones: ruby, emerald, sapphire and so on. They talk about a more mature, yet trendy look.

5. The Cut-Out Swimsuits

They may be considered both one-piece and two-piece swimsuits at the same time. Next year we will definitely show some skin, but not all our skin. Strategically placed cut-outs are becoming more and more popular, as such models offer both comfort and protection while they don’t make women look dressed head to toes in a hot summer day. They follow the “less is more” philosophy and can be worn by all women all ages.

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