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A Beginner’s Guide To Men’s Fashion

Recently there has been a rise in demand for designer menswear. The Guardian has written about the rise of the male fashionista, who will avidly watch the latest catwalk in Paris and be willing to part with $5,000 on the latest cashmere coat. While there has been a rise in male fashionistas, there are also plenty of men who want to look good, but without spending lots of money. Whatever your budget or style, this article will teach you (or the man in your life) the basics of mens fashion.


Choose the right fit


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All too often men will choose baggy clothes that dont fit properly. Many men are so used to wearing baggy clothes that they think anything else feels too tight! The trick is to make sure that your clothes are nearly hugging your body, and accentuate your underlying shape. Its a good idea to take your measurements and to check the right size of clothes for you. As a rule of thumb, choose the smallest size that fits.


Have a shopping friend

Many women have other women they like to go shopping with. Maybe they are friends from school, colleagues from work or family members. They will offer each other true and honest feedback, which is completely invaluable. You are often prepared to be braver with your decisions when you know your friend will tell you if youre going too far! While many women have shopping buddies, most men dont. Find a shopping buddy to help you make smarter buying decisions.


Take risks

Fashionistas know when to take risks and try a new look. Those who are inexperienced are more likely to be conservative and never push themselves out of their comfort zone. Often the best way to take risks is to do so in moderation. For example, pair a very daring t-shirt with relatively conservative shoes and trousers. The rest of your outfit will draw attention to your t-shirt while making you feel more comfortable in yourself.


Everything makes a difference


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Men often make the mistake of failing to consider accessories. Things like watches, glasses, hats, belts and jewelry can really change the tone of your outfit. Try to find pieces that match and that fit into your overall style. Its good to have a selection of accessories so you can always find something that is suitable for every outfit.


Stay true to your style

If you are getting interested in fashion, try to avoid the draw of simply copying everyone else. If you simply copy trends and take ideas from the catwalk, you will never develop your own distinctive style. You should take inspiration from everyone but copy no one.


Dress for comfort and style

Never forget that practicality is important. Only wear a jacket when its cold, and only wear sunglasses when you dont want to get sun in your eyes. It can sometimes be tempting to pick an outfit that you really want to wear, but that serves no practical purpose. This is often a classic sign that someone is just getting started in learning about fashion. Embrace the climate, the culture and the occasion. Often you will come up with more exciting ideas when you feel restrained by your surroundings.


Always be learning

Always pay attention to how other people dress, and start reading fashion blogs and magazines to learn more. You should also keep up to date with the latest trends on the high street. Over time, it will be obvious that you should get Nike gear at Jimmy Jazz. There are some excellent mens fashion publications, and you can also learn a lot from reading about womens fashion as well. You should also keep an eye on the latest catwalk styles. While you dont want to copy catwalk styles directly, you might get some inspiration to refresh your look.


Never stagnate

It can often be tempting to find a style you like and stick to it for good, but this rarely works. Ideas start to feel jaded as time goes by, and what works in one decade rarely works in the next. You should think about your style in terms of the adjectives that best describe you. Perhaps you want to appear sporty, intellectual, rebellious or adventurous. You can always strive to maintain the same style, but then adapt around the fashion of the day. A sporty look in the 1980s would look very different from a sporty look today.