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8 Tips to Look Thinner in Clothes

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If you choose a few clothes wisely and apply a few tricks, you can create a much slimmer look!
If you choose a few clothes wisely and apply a few tricks, you can create a much slimmer look!

One of the greatest problems women all around the world are facing is the lack of self-confidence. This is usually due to not being pleased with their physical appearance and feeling self-conscious about their body shape. Why not treat yourself to an extra boost and dare to look fabulous while loving your image? Check out these 8 tips to look thinner in clothes and believe in yourself!

1. Long Necklace

The difference is in the details! By sporting a long chain you will be distracting attention from other parts of your body that you don’t want to highlight to the shiny piece embracing your neck with an ultra-slimming effect. The longer, the better.

2. Skinny Belt

If you are a curvy girl, you don’t have to hide your hourglass shape! Instead, try accentuating your waist line by adding a skinny belt over your favorite dress. This way, you will be taking advantage of your natural form and highlighting your best asset.

3. Shapewear

Another tip to look thinner in clothes is by starting from the inside and going out. In order to look fabulous in various types of dresses and skirts, you can opt for some shapewear, like a tummy-slimming corset. If the bottom part of your body is the problem, try some shaping panties or even a body suit.

4. Dark Pants

It’s no lie that dark shades have an awesome slimming impact on your body. Instead of wearing white pants or stonewashed jeans, try some dark pants that will make your legs look leaner. In addition to this, we recommend boot-cut jeans that will flatter your form even better.

5. Pencil Skirts

Don’t be afraid of high waists! A pencil / office skirt can do wonders for the bottom half of your body. The important detail is that the skirt is cut right above your knees and not higher, so you won’t be exposing the calves. If you add the skinny belt we were talking about before you are going to look amazing.

6. Vertical Stripes

Vertical stripes work amazing for making you look taller and slimmer. Our favorite combination is black and white stripes, but you can play around with the colors according to your preferences. A vertically striped dress or flared pants will compliment your body perfectly.

7. High Heels

Keep your standards and your heels high, girl! Ever since they came around, high heels have been the ultimate fashion piece for ladies all around the globe. Not only do they shape your legs and make you seem thinner and taller, but they also add an extra note of elegance to any outfit. If you can manage them, try super high heels with platforms.

8. Perfect Size

We ladies tend to have problems when it comes to choosing the perfect size of clothes for our body shape. The key is to not dress too tight, but not too baggy either. Choose your natural size when it comes to undergarments and clothing, you will be surprised to see what impact it has!

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