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8 Styling Tips on How to Get the Bohemian Look

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If you are an artistic, carefree, young and wild girl at heart, the bohemian style is perfect for you. It is a gorgeous way to express your personality and spirit through clothing, accessories and footwear, and we have exactly the list of tips you need to get it right. Check out our 8 styling tips on how to get the bohemian look below!

1. Long Skirts

To nail the boho chic look, long skirts are a must. This piece of gypsy-inspired clothing works perfectly on multiple levels: not only does it look sweet and artsy, but it is also incredibly comfortable. You can also wear long dresses, according to your planned #outfitoftheday.

2. Crop Tops

The bohemian look is not complete without a stylish crop top. You can pick one in the color and print of your choice and match it with the long skirt we were talking about earlier. If the weather is fine, you can opt for a pair of old school denim shorts with a high waistline (manually chopped, of course).

3. Headbands

If we were to choose one accessory that fully defines the bohemian look, it would definitely be the headband (or, alternatively, the flower crown). Thin leather or beaded headbands that cross the center of your forehead are one of the best additions for your boho chic outfit.

4. Accessories

When it comes to adopting this style, all sorts of accessories are allowed (and, frankly, quite necessary). You can choose from statement pieces, to ones with semi-precious stones or wooden finishes. Celebrate beautiful weather with a pair of classic Wayfarer sunglasses (or get matching pairs, one for the sun and normal glasses for other occasions).

5. Earth Tones

From a visual point of view, the bohemian look is highlighted by natural, earth tones. You can mix and match them with spots of bright colors, but shades like brown, beige, khaki or brown are predominant. This makes fabrics like suede or velvet fantastic choices for the pieces of boho clothing you wear.

6. Intricate Patterns & Prints

In the crazy / beautiful mix up we call the boho chic style, complex prints and patterns are like the frosting on a cupcake. You can get as creative as you want when it comes to choosing print details for your boho outfit. If you are at a loss of inspiration, look into Aztec / tribal, paisley, or doily patterns for some neat ideas.

7. Fringe Tops

Bring on the fringes! For hippie gals, fringes are encouraged not only for tops, but also for boots, bags, vests, and basically any other piece of clothing you could imagine. You can either go out and buy fringe tops from almost any store (they are quite in fashion lately), or you can start your own DIY project and cut up a top you have.

8. Boots

If you are wondering what the best variety of footwear for boho girls is, search no further. The answer is boots! You are free to try out all types of different boots, both short and long. You will see that they come in handy during festivals and open air concerts, aside from looking awesome.

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