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7 Tips on Styling Your Office Outfit

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Any hard-working, independent and ambitious businesswoman deserves a flawless outfit as much as any fashionista. If you’re the working-woman-on-the-run type, you should check out these 7 tips for styling your office outfit below.

1. Splash of Color

As most office outfits are in traditional and neutral shades like brown, gray, navy, white or black, a splash of color might be just what you need to add a personal touch to the look. Whether you choose a pair of bold, red stilettos or a colorful handbag (we suggest you keep the color solid), a small detail like a splash of color can make you feel completely different at work.

2. Studs

When it comes to choosing jewelry for your office outfit, you have to find the perfect balance between chic and appropriate. You might be tempted to wear daring pieces, but it’s best to keep it sweet and simple if you work in a corporate environment. We recommend a pair of gold-plated Zirconium studs for a sharp appearance at the office.

3. Waist Belt

Belts crafted especially for waists are ideal for accessorizing your office outfit. Whether you are planning on wearing a pencil skirt or a knee-length dress, a belt will both enhance your waist and add some modern elegance to your choice of attire. If your dress or skirt is in a conservative shade, you can choose a waist belt in a brighter color.

4. Handbag

What would women be without handbags? To help enhance your whole business outfit, choose a super stylish designer handbag that will help you store all of your office accessories. We sincerely suggest that you invest a bit in your office handbag if you really want to leave a professional and meaningful impression for your business partners and coworkers. P.S. Always make sure the piece is from genuine leather.

5. Silver, Gold or Pearls

Like we said before, you should always keep your office jewelry classy. In addition to the studs we spoke about, we recommend that your accessories are made from silver, gold or pearls. If you choose yellow gold, make sure that the pieces aren’t too large or flashy. A thin chain with a subtle pendant and a matching bracelet will work just fine. If you decide to go for pearls, pick out one string, either short or long.

6. Wristwatch

Men aren’t the only ones who deserve a quality wristwatch to complete their work outfit. Any businesswoman deserves a nice wristwatch that will help her make her meetings on time and look amazing while doing it. Like handbags, timepieces are worth the investment, so consider purchasing your business watch from a reputed brand.

7. Trench

As we’re in the middle of autumn, your work outfit requires an equally trendy coat to match. A trench will fulfill all of your fashion needs, especially if you are planning to go to the office today. The best color you can choose is beige, but you can also go for a classic black one, depending on the other pieces you are wearing.

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