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7 Tips on How to Accessorize Simple Dresses

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If we could choose one fashion piece in the entire world that girls cannot live without, it would definitely be the dress. From girly girls to tomboys, the dress is perfect for shaping any style and personality and can be worn in an amazing amount of ways. While we love dresses with intricate patterns and stylish embellishments, there really is no kind that can compare to the basic dress. It is a practical piece that can work in virtually any situation, from school, to the office, to dates in the city and even black tie ceremonies. It all depends on how you choose to wear it and what accessories you use. Here at Oh Industry we love being your number one source for fashion advice and inspiration, so check out the list of 7 tips on how to accessorize simple dresses we have prepared for you below!

1. Hat

Have you ever wondered why British ladies always wear hats with their dresses? Because they are fabulously fashionable, of course. Match a beret, derby, cloche, panama or a summer hat with your dress and stay glamorous during any season and on any occasion.

2. Statement Necklace

In recent years, one of the most popular accessories for basic outfits is the statement necklace. When it comes to simple dresses, it is the piece of jewelry you have been dreaming of. You can choose from a huge variety of statement necklaces in all sorts of colors, according to your tastes and mood.

3. Waist Belt

The waist belt is a triple threat: an hourglass silhouette enhancer, a dress shape creator and a very trendy accessory for spicing up plain outfits. No matter if you choose a narrow or wide piece, a waist belt can make all the difference for your appearance.

4. Bright Clutch

For a fun night out in town with the girls, you can wear your favorite basic dress and glam it up with a vibrant clutch. If the color of your dress is black, white or neutral, a clutch in a bright color can really bring your outfit to life. Match it with a pair of sexy stilettos and be the queen of the night.

5. Long Pendant Necklace

A more tasteful and subtle alternative to the bold statement piece is the long pendant necklace. Whether you are adorning a simple cut dress or one with generous cleavage, a thin chain with a fine pendant is exactly what you need to accentuate your outfit.

6. Cocktail Ring

If you are the type of girl who loves wearing rings, you are going to love this simple dress accessorizing tip. Cocktail rings are like taking statement necklaces and narrowing them down to your finger, for a daring and brilliant piece. If you choose to wear a cocktail ring, we recommend that you don’t use any other accessories to avoid looking too flashy.

7. Drop Earrings

Perfect for complimenting a long pendant necklace or wearing them on their own, drop earrings can highlight your facial features like no other jewelry. Wrap your hair up in a bun and choose a chic pair of drop earrings to be the star of the party.

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