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7 Summer Pieces You Can Take with You for Fall Fashion

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Out of all seasons, the summer to autumn transition is definitely the trickiest of all. You are not quite sure how to dress because the weather is ever changing, you’re not quite ready to give up all of your summer pieces and, frankly, you don’t even really want to. Instead, the creative dresser inside of you is longing for some super cool combos of summer and fall pieces. If not carefully studied, some of these can turn into fashion nightmares, so we are pretty sure that you are going to love this article. Discover our favorite 7 summer pieces you can take with you for fall fashion and leave us your suggestions in a comment below the article. Dress wisely, ladies!

1. Blouses / Shirts

We adored throwing on a large shirt or blouse during those sweltering summer days, whether for keeping us cool thanks to their loose fit or for draping around our waist with denim jeans. For autumn, you can layer away as much as your heart desires with your favorite blouses or shirts from summer.

2. Dresses

Whoever said that classic summer dresses couldn’t be worn during other seasons? It’s all a matter of complimenting them with the perfect jacket, cardigan and boots. If your dress is in a solid color, wear a pair of autumn tights with a subtle and interesting pattern; if your dress already has a pattern, wear it with opaque tights in the color of your choice.

3. Sunglasses

Now this accessory works for literally any season of the year (as long as there’s a bit of sun outside, of course). Make a long-lasting appearance this fall by wearing a pair of animal print Ray-Bans with basically any casual / street wear autumn outfit. Protect your eyes from the lingering sun rays and look totally awesome while doing it.

4. Skirts

No girl can resist the allure of a pleated skirt with knee high socks (and no man, for that matter). Add the loose shirt or blouse from point 1, a sexy pair of boots (long and short will both work fine) and a long pendant necklace. Use a practical accessory like a beanie to make the look complete.

5. Fedora

We have to admit it: ever since Pharrell broke the internet with his daring fedora, there was no going back. Now guys and girls are rocking the fedora on both casual and formal occasions, and we totally approve of this trend. Take your summer fedora and match it with your autumn coat or trench.

6. Shorts

For the first half of autumn you can rock your beloved denim shorts with some semi-transparent black tights and a long button-up sweater left unbuttoned. You can even combine this look with the knee high socks we were talking about earlier for some instant coolness.

7. Crop Tops

By far the favorite summer piece among girls with abs, the crop top can easily be worn during fall when combined with a plaid shirt. Leave the shirt buttoned or unbuttoned, according to your tastes, and match it with some edgy leather boots.

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