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7 Summer Fashion Tips & Tricks for Fighting the Heat

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Hurray! We are in the middle of summer and we are totally digging it. School’s out or you are probably on vacation from work and you love every minute of it. The sun is shining… wait, maybe a little too much. No matter how much we adore summer, we have to admit that some days with heat wave feel like hell was released onto earth. All dressed up in our pretty skirts and floral dresses, we find ourselves sweating… hard. That’s not very ladylike, is it? You have nothing to fear though; our Oh Industry team has piled up the ultimate 7 summer fashion tips and tricks for fighting the heat. Check them out and keep cool!

1. Light Colors

Yes, we know that you would wear black all day, every day if you could, but believe us, it’s not helping you out during the summer. At all. The more black you wear, the more heat you are attracting and the more you are going to be sweating. Opt for white; it’s equally chic and pretty.

2. Loose Fit

Yoga pants, skinny jeans and tight tanks, be gone! Don’t expect to keep cool during dog days if you are wearing super tight clothing that won’t let your skin breathe and that will push your body towards perspiration. Loose fit garments will be perfect for you.

3. Lightweight

This shouldn’t take much to figure out, but you should not be wearing wool or any other heavy fabric if it is scorching hot outside. Opt for lightweight and airy fabrics that won’t weigh down your skin and body.

4. Sandals

Let your feet breathe! They will infinitely thank you, trust us. It may be cute and playful to wear boots with a pair of denim shorts, but do not wonder why you are dying of heat afterwards. Go for some easy going sandals with no heels that won’t cause you pain or discomfort.

5. Leg Bands

Now this is a little secret that we adore. Lacey elastic thigh bands are super sexy, super useful and super awesome to wear during the summer. Say good-bye to chafing and hello to dry and clean thighs; in addition to this, dare to be a little sexier and let the bottom part show.

6. Large Armhole Tank

One of the most comfortable pieces of clothing that you could ever dream of for the summer is the large armhole tank. Aside from being extremely practical and comfortable, it looks and is very stylish. If you want a casual look, wear it with a sports bra underneath, a pair of boyfriend jeans and stilettos. If you want to go for sexy allure, wear a black lace bra under, a pair of high waisted pants and the sexiest pumps you have lying in your closet.

7. Natural Fabrics

No more synthetic fabrics, please! Do your skin a favor and stop irritating it with itchy and cheap fabrics that not only will make it sweat, but also cause extreme discomfort. Choose natural fabrics that you really will enjoy feeling on your skin. By the way, lose those heavy rhinestones and sequins while you are at it; allow your skin to b-r-e-a-t-h-e!

Photo credits: Popsugar.com.