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6 Ways to Style Your Blazer for Fab Casual but Professional Looks

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Women and blazers go great together, especially when it comes to office attires. But sometimes, the mighty business look, involving blazers, midi skirts, trousers, shirts and high heels can be a bit tiring and boring. Can you use the blazer to spice up a casual outfit to wear at work? Can you use a work blazer in various casual combos for a more formal appearance? Of course! Let’s see how you can style your blazer to look professional, yet stylish and casual.

1. Make Jeans and Snickers Look Office

Pick a casual work solid candy color blazer and pair it with a plain and elegant shirt, a pair of jeans, snickers, some accessories and an office tote bag. If you choose a neutral, “serious” color for the blazer, like black, navy blue or gray, it will instantly make you look very dressed up, even if you do wear jeans and snickers.

2. Spice Up a Monochrome Dress

Some fashion experts recommend you spice up a monochrome office dress with a particular type of blazer. This means you should go for a leopard patterned one or a boldly colored one to make your little blue, black or gray dress stand out from the crowd. This time, heels are in order to take the overall attire to the next level.

3. Become a Boho-Chic Professional

Pick a blazer in a darker shade and pair it with jeans, ankle-high boots, a slouchy shirt, a floppy hat and a large office tote. This outfit works great for usual days at the office, lending you the professional look you need to expose, but also giving you that boho-chic, casual, comfortable and confident look you want. For added style, pick neutral colors such as white, black, brown, caramel, navy blue or gray.

4. Man Up Your Style

Many women love a rather tomboy appearance and choose blazers with boxy cuts, specific to male attires. A shirt, skinny trousers and a pair of pumps finish this powerful outfit, adding toughness to an otherwise feminine look. Just a single piece of men-specific clothing can turn any lady into a symbol of high-end bold professionalism.

5. Add Some Office Look to Your Bohemian Attire

A maxi skirt or long thin summer dresses aren’t your traditional office outfits unless you pair them with a blazer. Make such clothes work in the colder weather of spring or fall by wearing a neutral office blazer as well. This combination also tones down your quirky summer vacation look by adding a dash of formalism.

6. Rock Shorts and Tights

Some companies frown upon women wearing shorts at the office, but you can pull off a stylish look nobody will ever nag about. Add tights and a blazer long enough to skim the bottom of the shorts. Wear pumps, an office clutch and a matching scarf and you have a spring office (yet casual and comfy) look you will be praised for.

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