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6 Refreshing Fashion Apps You Need Now

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People who love fashion enjoy having access to the latest trends. Fashion apps feed this insatiable appetite for staying current on what’s en vogue, in stores, and in the clearance pile. If you’re addicted to fashion, check out these useful and fun apps that you can download and use on the go.

1. Pose

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Image via Flickr by …love Maegan

Fashionistas who need inspiration for creating new outfits love the Pose app. This handy tool evaluates and uses your local weather and occasion to offer outfit suggestions each day. Create a personal dashboard that displays outfits from the bloggers, stylists, and clothing enthusiasts you choose to follow. In some cases, you can see what these people are wearing in real time.

The search function lets you peruse outfits for specific occasions to help you gauge what kind of clothing you might want to wear for brunch with the in-laws or to a bridal shower with friends. All items you find on Pose are available to buy, making it easy for you to acquire the clothes that strike your fancy.

2. Cloth

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Image via Flickr by Rubbermaid Products

What good is it to design a fun outfit only to forget about the magical combination you created? Let Cloth help you remember the best outfits you put together. All you have to do is take a picture and upload it to the app. As you store your outfits, Cloth allows you to categorize them by occasion. So the next time you need an outfit for an evening on the town, turn to this app and browse the photos of ensembles you’ve deemed perfect to wear when going out at night.

Cloth doesn’t recommend outfits based on weather, but it does integrate weather information into its display. This makes it easy for you to consider the current conditions and temperature as you choose an outfit.

3. Snapette

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Image via Flickr by Elvert Barnes

This app is a shopper’s dream come true. Its geo-information allows you to search for specific products for sale¬†in your area. It also allows you to take a picture of a product you love and catalog the price, brand, and specific location to share with other shoppers who are using the app. Snapette also makes it easy to compare prices between local shops and online vendors to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.

An enhanced search function lets you find designer clothes and accessories that are on sale or items that are trending. Stay in-the-know with giveaway and sale alerts pushed to your phone through this app.

4. Whisp

Choosing outfits is a team sport for people who enjoy getting their friends’ input on their fashion choices. Whisp, which is available as an app through iPads and through Web browsers on Android phones with reliable data, facilitates fashion collaboration. Users drag pictures of clothes and accessories they want to share with friends into a box. They can then send out the photos in a message. This app works with Facebook’s messaging feature, so your friends don’t have to download Whisp to reply to your fashion questions.

5. Covet

Who doesn’t love to daydream about how they’d stock their closet if they won the lottery? The Covet app is similar to a game. It allows you to earn tickets that you can spend on outfits to stock your virtual closet. The app lets you create outfits you can enter in contests. Participating in some of the contests allows users to win the designer clothing featured in the app.

6. ASAP54

This app is for anyone with fashion envy. If you have a photo of an article of clothing, a handbag, or shoes, this app does a reverse image search to help you find the brand and source of these fashion must-haves. It also allows you to get advice from stylists who can suggest related items based on the image you searched.

Whether you like to shop, create, or plan your outfits, these apps give you the tools to bring your fashionista aspirations to life.