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5 Ways to Style up Your Golden Jewelry

golden jewelry style tips
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You might wonder who wears gold anymore nowadays when the accessories industry came up with a myriad of alternatives to the more traditional jewelry. However, gold is still incredibly precious and it is not at all true that only your mom and grandma still wear real golden jewelry. Modern stylists found pretty impressive ways of turning your “something old” golden piece into a highly trendy accessory by matching classic gold jewelry with other pieces. Let’s see today five ways to style your golden jewelry and be forever in fashion.

1. Gold Chains and More Gold Chains

Don’t for a second think you will look like some swag hip-hop artist if you wear more golden necklaces than one. In fact, you don’t even have to wear actual golden necklaces. All you need is a high-quality gold rope chain necklace in 24 K gold overlay that allows being styled further with a pendant or a brooch. Mixing thin with thick golden chains in various lengths works best with a casual chic outfit, a glam-oriented party outfit, and even a demure monochrome business attire to give it a little spark.

2. Gold Chains and Pearls

Investing in a veritable pearl necklace is always a good idea, but fashion designers are all for faux pearls, beads, and gemstones this year. You can wear a combination of beads necklaces in various colors and add a small bit of sparkle and luxury with a golden chain. It surely makes the difference between a boho, hippy multi beads strands look and a more complex and refined casual chic one.

3. Gold Bracelets and Body Chains

We told you before that this year’s trends in the accessories department focused a lot on body jewelry. No matter how thin your golden bracelet might be (or how thick and chunky it might look), you can always pair with a golden looking body chain. Add this stylish mix to a sheer shimmering black slip dress as you have seen on runways and rock this summer parties in high style.

4. Golden Earrings and Head Jewelry

With the risk of repeating ourselves, body jewelry is huge this year. This includes head jewelry – mostly chains – in golden and silver overtones. If you have a pair of golden rings you just love or if you are left out of ideas on how to style them, try a head jewelry piece for a bohemian, child of the 60s look. It goes incredibly well with maxi dresses, see-through overlaid fabrics, flat strappy sandals and everything in the pastel palette.

5. Golden Rings and Temporary Tattoos

We are not talking about permanent ink, tribal tattoos or jail-like gangsta designs. We are talking about the more subtle, Orient-inspired tattoos in white or gold that can beautifully envelop your wrists and fingers, truly complimenting your favorite gold ring. This is a clear bohemian style that asks for bold colors and intricate patterns for an unforgettable summer.

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