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5 ways to sell a Rolex watch

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Along with Cartier and Omega, Rolex is one of the most celebrated watch manufacturers in the world. Rolexs value continues to rise and its models are highly sought after. Just a couple of years after buying a Rolex watch, it can be worth even more. When considering where to sell a Rolex thats pre owned, there are many ways to do so:

Internet auction site

Internet auction sites have changed the way in which the world buys and sells goods. As well as EBay, Amazon is another popular internet auction site. It is relatively easy to sell a Rolex watch via either of these or any other internet auction site. By creating a listing and stating a Reserve Price when sold on EBay, it can be met in several days or weeks. An auction can even last for an entire month.

A website that issues quotes

EBay and Amazon arent the only ways to sell a Rolex thats pre owned ““ a website that issues quotes is an alternative. Firstly, information must be entered onto an enquiry form. As well as if its owner has a Certificate of Authenticity, their name, telephone number and address should be entered. A Rolex watch is then put into a delivery pack where it is assessed. Once this has happened, the owner of a Rolex watch will be given a quote. If a quote is accepted, funds are transferred into a bank account within hours. However, a Rolex watch will be returned to its owner if a quote isnt suitable.

An official dealer

There are many official Rolex dealers across the world. If money is urgently required, it can be sold to them. By taking a Rolex watch to a dealer along with its Certificate of Authenticity, it can be assessed. If a quote is accepted, its owner can be paid for it via cash or cheque. Little more than an hour after taking it to an official dealer, its former owner can be paid.

Newspaper advertisements

Newspaper advertisements can be used to sell a Rolex watch. Before creating a newspaper advertisement, consider the information that it will contain. As well as a Certificate of Authenticity, its owner can also state their serial number. By including as much pertinent information as possible, there can be far more interest in it. In fact, the first person that gets in touch could pay the asking price. Even if many people view a Rolex watch, it can still be sold for what its owner expects.

Classified advertisement websites

If its owner doesnt want to create a listing on an internet auction site or approach a website that issues quotes, they can use a classified advertisement website instead. When this option is selected, PayPal can be the preferred payment method. By doing so, secrecy is guaranteed because bank details arent shared. If there are any concerns about payment details being shared with third parties, its owner mustnt be worried when PayPal is the preferred payment method. For more information on Rolex pre owned watches, you can serach online for reputable dealers who deal with buying and selling used Rolex watches.