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5 Ways to Beat Dry Skin in Winter

Dry Skin in Winter
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Most people have at some point experienced the harsh winter weather conditions that lead to dry, flaky skin. And if you’re on this seasonal merry-go-round with your skin because you live in a region that suffers weather extremes between the summer and winter months, you’re no doubt tired of dealing with the skin problems that plague you each time the temperature and humidity plummet. Luckily, there are all kinds of products and processes designed to help you beat dry skin during the winter months. Here are a few strategies you might want to employ.

  1. Dry Skin in WinterHydrate. The best thing you can do for your body as a whole when the weather outside gets cold and dry is to stay as hydrated as possible. Generally speaking, you should drink eight glasses of water each day anyway. So if you’re already doing this, you’re probably on the right track where your hydration issues are concerned. But with winter weather leaching moisture from your skin, you might want to up the ante a bit to ensure that you’re replacing all of the water your body is losing. This is a great way to keep your internal systems functioning and give your skin the best opportunity to fight the dry, winter weather conditions.
  2. Exfoliate. Dry, chapped skin can start to look ashy and dull. And whether you’re dealing with the flakes and blemishes that can follow or you’re simply itchy, red, and irritated, you need to take steps to slough off the excess of dead skin cells that can build up during the winter months. There is no shortage of products on the market to help you here, including all manner of scrubs, peels, and other exfoliants. But you might want to skip them in favor of something that is less likely to harm your already sensitive skin. Consider the Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System, a rotating brush that gently massages skin to remove dead cells, revealing the healthy layer underneath. Bonus: it will cost you a fraction of competitor Clarisonic.
  3. Moisturize. You probably already use a moisturizer, or more likely, separate products for your face and body. But when the weather gets cold and dry, your regular, lightweight moisturizers simply might not meet your needs. In this case, you should consider switching to more emollient creams that will hydrate your skin and lock in moisture. But you could also think about adding an ultra-rich night cream to your daily regimen as a way to get an extra dose of hydration while you slumber.
  4. Change your makeup. Your face is likely to get the worst of the winter weather, mainly because it is largely exposed to the elements. So in addition to adding a more hydrating cream to your daily routine, you should think about what your cosmetics are contributing to the equation. If you’re already using a coverage product like foundation, you may want to make the switch to a beauty balm, or BB cream, which promises not only coverage and hydration, but also offers SPF and antioxidants, amongst other benefits.
  5. See a pro. If all else fails, or if you’d rather skip the trial-and-error process when it comes to adjusting your skincare regimen for the challenges of winter weather, it’s probably a good idea to schedule an appointment with the pros at  Cole Dermatology & Aesthetic Center  or a local office near you. A qualified dermatologist can not only help you to understand your skin and diagnose the issues plaguing you, but he/she can also recommend products for a variety of skin conditions, as well as change up your routine seasonally for beautiful, glowing skin year-round.