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5 Ways for Men to Wear Messenger Bags this Summer

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While we love covering fashion tips and tricks for women at Oh Industry, we equally enjoy covering the world of men’s fashion that doesn’t always enjoy the main spotlight. As opposed to women, men have a pretty strict set of accessories that they can choose from, and bags, backpacks and briefcases are one of them. After you pick out your favorite watch and decide whether to go for a tie or a necklace, you are going to need a useful bag that looks good to carry all of your belongings to work, school or out in the city. Our favorite recommendation is the classic and classy canvas messenger bag, which is all the rage in 2015. If you want to rock one with your outfit this season and you don’t know what style to pick, here are 5 ways for men to wear messenger bags this summer. Discover them all below and dress to impress!


1. Sport

If you want a comfortable and useful combination, you definitely have to try wearing a canvas messenger bag with a sports t-shirt. The two types of fabric go great together and you won’t have any troubles with carrying the bag on your shoulder. In addition to this, messenger bags come in all kinds of varieties, either with a sporty or a fancy edge. You can purchase one with made out of a more casual material so it can match with your sports attire. Try this stylish alternative instead of your usual gym bag and work it like a pro.


2. Business

Are you tired of dragging a boring old briefcase with you to business meetings or days at the office? You should know that a messenger bag is a perfect and fashionable alternative. These types of bags look amazing when matched with business pieces such as a button up shirt, tie, tailored jacket, designer sunglasses and trousers. You can choose a messenger bag from dark, natural leather for an extra boost of elegance and good taste.


3. Casual

This is probably the messenger bag outfit style that you are going to prefer the most, because the occasions come up most often. If you are out running errands in the city, going out for a drink with the guys or on a sweet date in the park, you can definitely count on a classic messenger bag for perfectly matching your casual outfit. We recommend that you pull on a plaid shirt, your favorite pair of jeans, a denim jacket and an awesome pair of aviator glasses along with your day to day leather messenger bag to look great on the streets.


4. Vacation

On vacation is probably the time when a messenger bag will come in handy the most. You have to carry around your tickets, money, maps, brochures, hotel keys and a lot of other miscellaneous objects, and your wallet will not be enough to do so. It is best that you choose a classic messenger bag to fit all of your belongings and remain fashionable alongside your significant other. You can match a messenger bag with a pair of comfy and stylish leather flip flops, pull on some denim shorts and a loose shirt and you are on the way to the vacation of your dreams.


5. School

Another situation in which a messenger bag is extremely useful is at school. Backpacks are so last season and I’m sure that you are probably sick of them after so many years of school by now. Messenger bags are a fantastic alternative because you can fit all of your text books, notebooks, school supplies and more in a large and tasteful messenger bag. Most of them come in dark or neutral colors, so you can rest assured that your bag will match your school outfit for that day. At the end of the day, just pull your messenger bag out of your locker, throw it over your shoulder and look great while heading home or out in the city.

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