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5 Tricks for an Hourglass Figure

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If you dream of dazzling like Sophia Loren, Betty Brosmer, Mamie Van Doren or Marilyn Monroe, it means that you have your eyes on the prize of an hourglass figure. Not only is this body shape extremely feminine and alluring, it also embraces a healthy image in which you do not have to starve yourself to achieve 90-60-90 measurements. Even if you are not a naturally hourglass figure gal, we have gathered the best tips and tricks to get that super sexy waistline and highlight your curvalicious lady lumps. Check all 5 of them out below and shine like a retro celebrity!

1. High Waisted Jeans

When it comes to accentuating your torso, high waisted jeans work miracles. If your beautiful behind is naturally round, it is the best fashion alternative you have to make it stand out in a sensual, yet discrete manner. Match them with a crop top for an extra awesome effect.

2. Waist Belts

Belts, belts, belts! If you dream of an hourglass figure, you have to stock up on your waist belts. Make sure that you place them precisely in the area over your belly button and below your breasts so you can outline your form even better. You can choose from both thick and thin varieties, according to your natural body shape.

3. Undergarments

Sometimes you have to work from under your clothes outward to get that super glam hourglass figure impact. There are quite a few nylon and spandex high-waisted panels that you can use to trick your way into that perfect eight shape. They are quite comfortable and will allow you to wear all sorts of dresses and other pieces of clothing on top without being visible. An added bonus is that it trims down your tummy fat if you are a bit out of shape.

4. High Heels

What better way to define an hourglass figure than by wearing gorgeous and luxurious high heels? Tall shoes not only make your legs look infinitely longer, but they also give you a natural butt lift that will shape your torso more than you would have ever imagined. The higher your heels are, the better impact they will have on your body. If you do not usually wear heeled shoes and have a little trouble walking in them and all, you can choose ones with slightly thicker heels and a platform under your toes so your feet won’t slip and slide everywhere and so they won’t ache at the end of the day.

5. Slim Fit Jackets

You would be surprised to realize how amazing slim fit jackets or blazers can work for obtaining an hourglass figure. We recommend those with two rows of buttons and doing up only the middle row for emphasis. By buttoning up only the middle section, you will be highlighting your upper and lower body parts. If you do not want to die of heat during the summer, you can opt for a cute vest to wear the same way.

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