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5 Tips for Healing and Preventing Windburn

Healing and Preventing Windburn
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The effects of Mother Nature can be really interesting, even when it comes to our skin. Take sunburns and windburns, for example. In the summertime, we’re told to not spend a ton of hours out in the sun and to also apply an extra dose of sunscreen so that we can protect our skin from sunburn. Then in the winter, when the temperature outside is freezing, we’re still advised to take certain precautions so that we won’t have to deal with windburn.

Healing and Preventing WindburnYet here’s the interesting thing about windburn. Although it does tend to look and feel like a “burn”, windburn is actually the result of our skin becoming extremely dry. But although it’s not a burn, that doesn’t mean that we don’t feel any less uncomfortable when it happens.

So, in the effort to make sure that you do all that you can to avoid getting windburn and also that you are able to heal from it if you do, we have enclosed five effective windburn fighting tips below:

Thoroughly cover yourself up. It’s pretty hard for your body to be affected by cold and brisk winds if it’s covered up. So especially when you know that it is going to be below freezing, be sure to put on some long johns under your clothes and to also put on some gloves and to place a scarf over your nose and lips when you’re outside.

Put on some sunscreen. Some people assume that just because it’s cold outside that they don’t need to put on sunscreen but we couldn’t disagree more. As long as the sun is out, you need to protect your skin from its rays, so be sure to put on some sunscreen that has no less than a sun protection factor of 15. Believe it or not, sunscreen can also help to keep windburn at bay.

Eat foods that have Vitamin E in them. Being that Vitamin is a powerful antioxidant, it’s a great way to both prevent and also heal the effects of windburn. In order to help to prevent it, we recommend eating foods that have Vitamin E in them like turnip greens, peanut butter and even avocado. If you happen to already have windburn, there are lot of moisturizers and ointments that have Vitamin E in them. Or you can simply break a couple of Vitamin E capsules and apply them directly to the affected areas.

Take some aspirin or ibuprofen (as directed). If you happen to already have windburn and it’s feeling pretty painful, take some aspirin or ibuprofen. Being that they are anti-inflammatories, it can help to reduce your discomfort in just a matter of minutes.

Moisturize. Skin tends to dry out very easily when it’s not properly moisturized. If you were to ask a consultant at a spa like  Mona Spa & Wellness  what you should do to heal or prevent windburn, they would definitely tell you to make sure to moisturize your skin really well. If you already have a bit of windburn on your body, we recommend that you look for a product that has a combination of aloe and pine bark extract in it. Forever Living and Nutrivera are two websites that sell this kind of product. Also, don’t forget to put some lip balm on your lips. When the wind is bone-chilling, your lips will thank you for it for sure.