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5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Hat for Your Face Shape

Perfect Hat
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Hats are used for a variety of reasons and serve many purposes. In some cases, they can help to keep your head nice and toasty warm when the weather is cold. Other times, they are simply used as accessories to complete an outfit or they may be used to protect your face and eyes from the strong, bright rays of the sun. No matter the reason, everyone wants to find a hat that will make him or her look their very best. Here are 5 tips for finding the perfect hat for your face shape.

  1.  Perfect HatFirst you will need to determine your particular face shape. Faces come in all shapes and sizes including almond, oval, circular, round, square, rectangle, oblong, triangle, teardrop or diamond among many others. To determine this shape, you can measure the height and width of your face. Depending the proportion of the high to the width, you can figure out which shape best describes your own face.
  2. Consider the brim of the hat. The brim can flatter your face shape and your body type in some cases, but in others it may not work right for your face shape or size. If the brim of the hat is wide, it will case your head, face, and body to seem smaller in contrast. Similarly, a downturned brim will cause you to look shorter. If you would like to look taller or if you want to elongate the appearance of your face, try to find am upturned brim.
  3. Next you will need to look that the crown of the hat or the top of it. Short faces will require taller crowns, which can give the appearance that your face is longer. Tall crowns will also help to make your entire body seem taller which is great for those who are on the shorter side. Deep crowns are another option. These crowns are the kinds into which our entire head fits into the hat instead of the hat sitting on top of the head. People with short faces should avoid these deep crowned hats since short faces need shallow crowns. A hat shape such as a beret is ideal for individuals with a short face.
  4. Figure out the best way to angle your hat. Ideally, a hat should never sit directly on top of your head. In general a hat should be worn at a slight angle and not just plopped on top of your head. Try angling the hat forward, backward, or to either side to see which angle compliments your face and its shape the best.
  5. Finally, pick the appropriate hat size. To find out the size of your head, you can measure the circumference or the distance around your head. Hat sizes typically range from about 21 ½ to 23 ½ . Some hats aren’t sold by a specific size, in which case you may have the option of small, medium, large or one-size-fits all.

Using these tips will help you to effectively find a hat at a store like  hats unlimited  that you love. You not only want a good looking hat, but you want one that will also compliment your face shape. Be sure to consider your shape, the hat size, the brim, the crown, as well as the hat angle for the best looking hat!