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5 Tips for a Warm Season Fashion with a Slimming Effect

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Summer is almost over, but the first month or two of autumn will still be considerably sunny and warm, so maybe we shouldn’t abandon summer fashion just yet. Today we will talk about precisely the kind of summer clothes that you can still wear into autumn (which means they shouldn’t be too festival or vacation themed), and which can also add a slimming effect to your overall look. But before we get into all that, please note that we firmly stand behind the conviction that each body is a #beachbody and that women shouldn’t feel pressured by the clothing industry to feel bad about their bodies and live under the constant impression that they need to lose weight.

Therefore, whenever we talk about clothes with a slimming effect (as we do in this post), we don’t mean to encourage this harmful mind set. Instead, we think that each woman’s body is just as beautiful free from all artifice as it is when posed in particular styles through the clothes which adorn it. In the case of clothes with a slimming effect, this is simply a pretty way to dress, and not something necessary for covering up whatever imaginary faults the advertising industry is trying to induce to you.

Without further ado, here are the 5 fashion tips and suggestions for late summer clothes with a pretty slimming effect:

1. The long pencil skirt (maxi for a full effect)

1_maxi skirt

This is the perfect type of skirt to wear if you want to create a longer, taller and slimmer frame for your entire body. You can find these skirts in multiple colors, but pick one in a darker tone (like black or burgundy) for the full slimming effect. Such a skirt is a perfect addition to both day and evening outfits, can work perfectly well for the office and just as well for a late-night party or get together with friends.

2. The split side or split back top

If you choose a well-fitted top (not too tight, but which seems tight enough), you will obtain a wonderfully flattering effect. Look for a top with a split side or a split or cross-over back, for extra awesomeness. Again, we would advise for a darker color.

3. The patterned leggings

2_slim trousers

You may have heard this advice before, namely that if you want to make your legs look slimmer, you should avoid any patterns on your tight leggings or jeans. Actually, this is an outdated advice, because today’s pretty and intricate models will actually help with the slimming effect and stand out as interesting as well.

4. The mini A-line skirt

Get a mini skirt with some frilly or A-line design (the point is to be not too tight) and your legs will seem incredibly long and thin.

5. The V-neck long sleeve top

For when it gets chilly, there’s nothing that could look better on you than a V-neck long sleeve blouse or a cardigan. The only condition is for them to have the V-neck detail and to be relatively tight (or at least well-fitted).