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5 Things to Consider When Purchasing Loose Diamonds

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Buying loose diamonds is a great way to purchase diamonds that you can use in a custom piece of jewelry or for other purposes. If you are going to buy loose diamonds, however, you need to know what you’re looking for as well as the diamond buying process. Here are 5 important things to consider when purchasing loose diamonds.

  1. DiamondsFirst you will need to determine your budget. Diamonds are an expensive investment, so you will want to make sure to set a reasonable as well as realistic budget that will keep you financially secure while also allowing you to buy a high quality diamond or set of diamonds. Determine how much you can spend, and then see how much diamond you can get for your money based on clarity, cut and other essential factors. Knowing this information ahead of time will make the process much easier when you begin shopping and the salesperson will know that you know your stuff and are an informed customer. Keep your expectations reasonable and you will not be disappointed.
  2. Next, visit local jewelers. Make sure to visit a few different locations to compare services, prices and quality of their diamonds. While shopping, ask to look at multiple diamonds and inquire about cut, clarity, shapes, sizes and carats. If this is your first time shopping for diamonds, ask the professional to point out differences between higher and lower quality diamonds so that you know what to look for and can differentiate between diamonds and their features.
  3. You will then need to weigh the diamonds in carats. Each carat is equal to one hundred points. Make sure that the carat stated matches up to the number of points to ensure you are not being misguided. While size is always impressive, remember that the carats are most important as well as the clarity and color of the diamond.
  4. Inspect the clarity of the diamond. Since diamonds are formed naturally, they will have some imperfections that occur while the stone is forming. Also, because diamonds are made of carbon, sometimes different elements can mix into the diamond’s composition. These additions influence the diamond in many ways. They can influence the coloring, cause imperfections, and more. The fewer imperfections, the better the clarity and the more valuable the diamond is.
  5. Finally, you will need to choose the diamond shape you prefer. This is often a personal choice that will be influenced by what you want to do with the diamond after purchasing it. Choose a shape and then be sure to inspect the cut. Light should shine down into the diamond and then reflect back up for the best brilliance. If the diamond is cut too long or too short, the brilliance and sparkle will be negatively impacted.

Since you are about to invest a significant amount of money into loose diamonds or  big diamonds, you need to know what to do, how to prepare, and what features to look for in the diamonds you view. Be sure to set a budget, visit multiple respected jewelry stores, measure by carats, inspect the clarity, and choose a well cut diamond shape for the best purchase and the most diamond for your money.